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I would love to SEE a silver Somali! Fingers crossed that I will get to see one at the London Cat Club show in June
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I found a lovely picture of the silver somali

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Mosi is so gorgeous! Mosi looks more stocky and has a thicker coat. Kingston is so long and lanky not really sure how he is going to mature. And yes the dip is preferred so neither of my Somalis have the correct profiles. As for silvers the CFA breed council voted against them a few years ago. My understanding is they want them to be a separate breed in CFA. I love the silvers and would love them to be added to CFA.
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I think Mosi was going through a stocky phase then. He shot upwards after I got him at 14 weeks then he seemed to get a bit chubby (he was neutered at 5 months and was still on kitten food so got a bit chubby) then he grew upwards again. He now has long legs.

The breeder of Mosi's mum bred this silver. I can't decide whether I'd like my next somali to be a silver or a blue. I love the blues but the silvers are stunning.

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Between you, me and the rest of the world ... give me a good silver anytime! I again state that unless I'm totally out of my mind, I wouldn't dare try to breed silvers, it must be so difficult to get the right combination to get the spot on right color!
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