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Maisie The Moocher

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After getting off work early today I thought I`d go and see Maisie for a while and try out the new lens for my camera. Here are the results...

It looks like she`s swearing out of the corner of her mouth here...

Think she saw a birdy...

My favourite. "I`m shy. Leave me alone!"

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Awww, she is a good little camera subject!
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aww she is a sweetheart she is looking real well

great photo-shoot ! seems like that lens did the biz for you
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What a little beauty!
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Pretty kitty - I love torti cats. My Peeps is one!
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Awwww what gorgeous closeups
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Oh what a doll...Love the look on her face in the last one Awwww
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Those pics are great
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ahh what an adorable sweetheart of a cat
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Oh Linda, she really resembles Betsy's Ginger (Ginger's mom)....

And from the pics, she seems to act like her as well, shy, but beautious!
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Awwww what a gorgeous girl she is ....... I LOVE her tiny black lips too ........
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What a pretty girl! Such fine detail in the closeup photos, you really captured her beauty.
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She is so pretty! Love her eyes!
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what a pretty girl!!!!!
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Thanks guys!

She is alot more settled now and seems alot happier. When I finish work I go round to give her her tea and spend some time with her and today I fell asleep on the sofa. When I woke up she was all cuddled up next to me with her paw over her eyes!

Kitty has been round a few times to see her so he`s been a bit moody with me but yesterday he barged through, puckered up and went straight in for the nose kiss so she slapped him and then he slapped her back!
No damage but I was expecting him to be really peed off but he was fine
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what kinda camera were you using? Digital, lens attachment or just zoom?
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It`s a Nikon D50 and the lens is Sigma 70 - 300.
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