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Try the gum idea. if you leave it where you put you cigs and keep a pack in your purse and some in your car, well let's just say it helped me tremendously. but a caution, if you become addicted to gum like I did, you'll get nervous if you run low, at least I did. it took over my cig cravings and now I am 99.88888888888899% smoke free.
WE CAN BEAT THIS THING LAURIE!!!!!!! (and for the record you dont look anything like a 40 year old LOL!actually you look alot like a kitty from your picture under your name LMBO!:laughing:.)
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Barb - I've tried gum, I'm just not a gum person. I use mints. I've also got a new trick. Instead of thinking about NOT smoking each time I get a craving, I imagine that the cigarette I want is just a flaming stick of fire - it would burn my fingers, my lips, my throat and my lungs. All of a sudden - I don't want it so much anymore. That seems to be helping (and I think that Gary's not smoking in the car anymore helps too!!!!!!)

So far, no puffs today.
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I wasn't a gum person either but giving up cigs the first time I tried gummy bears they were my fav and well if you eat three pounds in one day you are bound to dislike them REALLY quick! anyway I chose something with less calories and tried the gum. It worked very well I might say and just so you know, no puffs for me either today. that'll make it roughly 19 days or so without one.
CONGRATS TO YOU THOUGH! You're the real hero today!
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This may sound silly but I found a really good way to help.

I get strips of paper (usually from an old magazine) and role them into inch long tubes, I then dampen them and bite small peices off. It stopped me smoking (although I still roll paper now and again when I get nervous) and I saved a fortune

Okay I'm mad, lol
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I've managed another puffless day! YAY!

Thanks for the suggestions. When we quit last year, I gained 20 pounds - actually a little more. Who knows what I was chewing on? Everything, I guess! LOL!

At home, I'm chewing straws! Out, I've got the mints. But the imagery stuff is REALLY working for me. Like I said, when I find myself craving a cig, I just imagine it being a red hot rod of flame, and I imagine the burning in my mouth, throat and lungs, and it really sends the craving packing. I don't know where I came up with this one, but it's working!

And Barb - congrats to you!!! 19 days is GREAT!

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Well, don't do the happy dance for me. I fell off the wagon hard core last night.
I was exteremely stressed and so my girlfriend and I went out well she had quit smoking and was craving one really badly so she bought a pack and well, giving in to peer pressure(yeah she really broke my arm on that one) I fell off the wagon onto my head. Let me tell you, I feel like I was hit by a truck today and I only had two small drinks with an even smaller amount of liquor in them. My head hurts, my throat hurts, my lungs are killing me, I feel like I want to die and the sadest thing is, I should've known better. I can't believe I let the thrill of the moment take away all my brains. I am NEVER going to do that EVER again! I didn't even smoke all of them. out of the four I had, I think I smoked about half of each if that. But still that's no excuse.. so boinks all around for me, just not on the head, it hurts. Rocket is trying to help my head by head boinking it for attention. or maybe he is boinking it cause he knows mom was badddddddddd......... NEVER AGAIN I TELL YOU!

I almost forgot...CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU! I wish I had the willpower to do that yesterday...Keep up the great work!
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well, it was a bad health weekend for me. Was at a convention, had a lot of fun. Smoked most of a pack of cigarettes over the weekend, but no ill effects from those yet. Went off my diet as well, so we're going back to the 1000 calorie diet for each day we were off. Mostly it was the 6-7 drinks I had over the course of the night, I woke up sicker than a dog, head the size of Canada, and just feeling rotten. Spent the day in bed, made Mike go get my registration for next year. Finally got down some chicken noodle soup, and we're heading to bed now (although I slept off and on all day) at 8 pm. Haven't felt the effects of the cigarettes so far, had other things on my mind. But I am not smoking afterward, none today, and no more probably until Thanksgiving with my mother.
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Well sorry I wasn't around yesterday to send bonks! Isn't it amazing how our head can be so darn fickle? And our stupid bodies send us these mixed messages - GIVE ME NICOTINE. yet... THIS SMOKE IS KILLING ME. Ugh. or AAAGGGHHHH!

OK. Enough bonks.

Meanwhile, I'm still hanging in there! It's that flaming rod of fire.... It's a flaming rod of fire.... It's a flaming rod of fire....
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ok you be strong for the both of us. I have just about given up. there's a fine line now and it's wearing thin, it's called work.
I've been written up for not making my staff do "detailed" cleaning and can be fired over this. I've gotten the labor, paper and food costs DOWN and the general cleaning is fine, but I've been written up for details!? tell me this isn't a crock of s**t. I'm so stressed out that I've lost the four pounds I gained back. I'm now down to 120 from not eating because my stomach is in knots all the time. I can't take much more of this. I don't know what to do. I can't get my management staff to clean how in the he** am I supposed to get my regular staff to? and NO I can't fire anyone over this, all I can do is threaten them with no raises. OOOOOO! that'll scare them, don't ya think?
I am about ready to just quit. If I didn't make so much money with my benefits, I'd have been out of there a LONG time ago!
oh well I guess for my xmas present I'm getting the axe. I'm about sick over this. what can I do now? just sit and wait for them to fire me? I hate my job! sorry I REALLY needed a shoulder to vent on..
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Barb, that's what we're here for. Bi*%& away.

I'm so sorry to hear about the troubles at work. Sounds to me like all you can do is have a chat with the staff - there really isn't much else for it. Is this something they're already supposed to be doing? Do you have the authority to threaten to dock their pay instead of just threaten no raises? Have customers been complaining or something? And did you get the chance to point out what you just told us (about lowering costs)? One would think that in this kind of environment especially, that that would be important. It sure might prevent the axe, no? I certainly think you should respond to the warning (or whatever it is) in writing, and point out the cost stuff. Just wait until some of the anger has abated....

I'm pretty good at this kind of stuff, so if you want help writing, just e-mail me.

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My general manager TOLD me that I've been doing well at these things. No no customers complaiuned, she(the GM) just did an inspection and managed to find all the little things like dirt in the corners that the mop won't reach, baseboards dusty, ya know, things that ALL customers look at when choosing a restaurant. My management staff thinks she is just jealous cause the shop is running fine without her and she is upset with it therefore she is being pissy.(excuse the language) I ended up going in AGAIN today cause they needed shrimp(which they didn't use by the way) cause they were"going to run out". so off I go to Davenport to get some. Then I get back only to learn that one of my crew is quitting cause I won't promote him? what's that all about!? SSSSSSOOOOOOOOO I sit there and talk to him about why and what is going on and it ends up that none of it is MY fault so I guess he ISN'T quitting now, another of my crew is mad over 6 hours she got well I am having problems with her other job and I am sick of it so I told her that in no lack of words... anyway I end up MORE stressed and MORE angered then when I first got up this am, so I just left and got into my car, sat there and sucked!
I felt like a little baby, and what is worse, the guy who was quitting saw me and told everyone else about it. SO I got the 5th degree about it when I was called in AGAIN to fix something that ended up being fixed before I even got there. Laurie, I'm telling you, I am stressed beyond words. and no I can't dock their pay, I can't only threaten them with words mostly. I can't give them raises unless the Witch approves them so at least ONE thing won't be my fault. Im just at a loss. One of the upper mgmt( he is head cashier) said he thinks we need to have a crew meeting to "lay down the law" so I told him that I can't do that unless my management staff starts to actually clean cause they lead by example, so what would be the point? I even went so far as to tell them I was coming in Thanksgiving day to clean the place and NOONE except one asked me if I'd need help...(BTW I have 4 crew chiefs under me that is my mgmt staff) I'm stuck... any input for me?
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Barb, it sounds to me like you're completely stressed because you don't actually have the authority you need to either motivate or effectively threaten the people who work under your direction. No wonder you're stressed.

What are the things you CAN do? A crew meeting actually sounds like a good idea. But since you see no point without the management staff "leading by example," then why not a meeting with the management staff?

Sorry - but I'm working with very little info here. I don't even know what you do! At first I thought it was a cleaning service - now it sounds like a restaurant. Guess I ought to hop over to the bios thread to see if you've posted....(my memory isn't the best thing in the world!)

It seems as if you're friendly with at least some of the management there no point to a meeting to get that ball rolling? Do they care if you get fired? If they care it makes it a heck of a lot easier, no? Either way, without knowing much about the situation, it sounds like a management staff meeting is the place to start.

But if this is just rediculous advice, e-mail me with some more info. Gary ran a restaurant for several years and we may actually have some advice that makes sense.
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Sorry Laurie, I am the proud manager of Long John Silvers.(NOT!) I have been for 7 weeks now.I worked my way up in the LJS food chain so to speak. My mgr is sometimes helpful but I think she is like Dr jekel and mr Hyde? I might have solved the problem though.(doubtful but hey stranger things and all) I'm tired of it so as they say, if I'm going to get s**t on, it is gonna continue downhill.......
my way or the highway and all that stuff...I wonder if this will work??? probably not. My crew is mainly over paid...well that's it, over paid and nothing more. They could care less if you fire them, and there is another problem. they have the theory that they were looking for jobs when they were hired so to threaten them is basically pointless... SO I guess I have to become a r*g and lock and load sharpen the pencil and bust out the reprimands.Any advice???
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Barb, hate to say it, but no. It just sounds like a really difficult situation, and from outside looking in, if your workers are overpaid and don't care - what IS there to do? NOT SMOKE. Although circumstances really make THAT difficult.

Gary and I were bad tonight. And for no particular reason. We bummed a couple of smokes from someone, and have split one cigarette. But it's so darn cold outside, that is discouraging further set-backs. And even he had been smoke-free for a couple of days.

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I thankfully haven't had one at all today, but we go out for Turkjey day every year and this year they put us in a smoking section! I about pooped in my pants! IT Smelled soooo goodddddddd!!!!!! I just wanted to bum one right then and there, but I didn't and I haven't had one all day...
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Good girl. Right now I'm smoke free for 3 1/2 days. IT'S A FLAMING ROD OF FIRE. Back to that one!
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You are doing so very good, Laurie!! I commend you for trying so hard!!! You go girl!!!
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Way to go girls!!!Remember: It's a one day at a time thing. Everyday that goes by without a cigarette brings you one day closer to your goal. Keep up the good work!
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Well... we really haven't been that good or this thread would have disappeared down the line! But we keep trying, and not giving up, which is good for sure. And thank you SO MUCH for the support. You know? It's really surprising to me how just a few words of encouragement from others really helps me renew or strengthen the commitment.

Thank you so much - really!

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Hey Laurie, after what you've been going thru I'm surprised that you've not smoked anything.. I'm so darn proud of you!!!!!!
i haven't smoked since my last oops,when I fell off the wagon badly.
although I COULD take one and smoke it at ANY time, I haven't, but girl you should see my car and the gum wrappers! LOL! I'm talking eating a piece all the time.I buy that double bubble now in BAGS and go thru them in a matter of days. It is horrible. I didn't think I could be so stressed. but fortunately it's getting better slowly. I think though that is because I haven't seen the wicked witch since that last inspection either so she is one added stress I DON'T have to deal with. I also think that I have to become like the witch was and deal with all the little things as well as the big things. Like my title says: glorified babysitter/sucker. that's all I am and I guess I'm proud of it, even if I am NOT sure of all the things I am doing..(not that anyone will tell me ya know, I just have to guess)
Witch told me I'm not doing ALL the things I should but when I asked her to tell me what I'm NOT doing so I can do it, she changed the subject! can you believe that? It was at the mgrs meeting Monday night in front of all the other mgrs and she changed the subject! maybe cause I am doing things right and she couldn't really point out anything she just wanted to try and be mean but it back fired???
ya think?
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That's GOTTA be it! LOL! Her broom backfired! ...and in front of all the managers - even better!

I'm so glad to hear you're still not smoking. Way to go!!!!!! Hang in there! ...and just think about all those calories you're burning chewing so much gum. Just regular chewing during waking hours each day is 10 pounds a year!!!

I'm still being a good girl. Without Gary smoking it's much easier! He almost broke down again today, but I talked him out of it. We're hangin' in there..... (and we're not even really that b*&%#y with each other - amazing!)
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You hang in there girl and I will too. I'm only as strong as you are..
Thanks for helping me get this far. My stress level for some reason, has gone down a little. Maybe cause my house is finally in order again and CLEAN!!!!! I'm talking from top to bottom. Walls, ceiling, floors, you get the idea... I feel like my life is slowly getting back into some sort of order..
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