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cleaning up a long hair cat?

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well fluffy has about 9 days to go untill she is due to have her kittens.
at the moment everything seems fine , not to much movement but i think alot of this is due to her having so much fur.
well her behind is getting very messed up , i belive most of it is poop its all dry and she hasnt had a bad stomach atall , but i think shes finding it hard to reach back there to clean herself. the thing is she is getting a bit matted not enough so it cant be sorted without shaving though. but iv noticed some of it on her *goodies* i dont think it is mucus but im sure its a bit of poo.

when she delivers will she be able to clean herself up or should i start doing it now ? she dosnt like being touched down there to much which is understandable. but what will be the best way to go about cleaning her up?

and also she has so much fur around her nipples would it be best to clip the fur around them or wait to see if she removes most of the fur. (there is a huge amount of long hair around them )
this is the first time iv had a long hair cat who is pregnant , so any help with this will be great. if i do clip them how or what do i use , or would it be best to ask a vet to do it ?
thanx in advance
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It'd be best to take Fluffy to the vet so they can shave around her anal area and clip/shave around her nipples. That way, she will stay a lot cleaner around her bottom and the kittens won't have any trouble reaching the nipples. If you feel confident, you can very carefully clip the fur around her botom and nipples yourself. Until then, baby wipes work really well cleaning up cat bottoms.
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thanx for the reply , i dont think i would do it myself just incase she moved or sliped or something , so i will tae her up the vets with me in the morning when i take Anne up see if they will see her quickly. but i will try the baby wipes tonight , thanx
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Work on trimming the belly of hair so the kittens can get to the nipples easily. Also might want to trim around the anus too so its not so messy. This will take 2 people - one to hold, one to trim. Use small scissors and do a little at time - she will be uncomfortable staying very long in one position. So it may take several days
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thanx for that , i took her to the vets with me today , they said her nipples shouldnt need doing , but i can do her bottom , they didnt have time to do it today , so sort of explained how , iv done it and she was quite good about it didnt take to much just enough to stop everything getting clumped up. thanx all.
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Oh I glad you were able to sort it.

Just think of it as another string to your bow......lol
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