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I'm such a sucker!

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The girls at the vet clinic called me yesterday about a kitten they had that needed a home. They told me she is Himalayan and that the owner had both parents. She was elderly and went into a home and her family wanted nothing to do with the cats. I may get the father also. The kitten is really young, maybe 5 wks or so. I tried to find out who had the mother but they didn't know. Sorry the picture is not so good but you can get an idea of what a cutie she is and how small she is compared to Ozzy who is around 11 wks.

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She's a beautiful baby and I can honestly say that I'd have been a sucker when it came to that sweet face too.
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aww what a beautiful baby . bless you for taking her in , but how could you not ? aw bet shes missing her mum right now. when will you knwo about the dad?
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I should find out about the dad today. He is still at the clinic so I am going to walk over this morning and see. The two kittens are so funny together and I am glad I didn't turn her down.

She reminds me soooo much of Cassidy when he was a baby!
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Aww, she is so sweet! Look at those beautiful blue eyes! Have you named her yet?
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My son wants to call her Tiggy (Miss Tiggy Winkle) but I think she needs a fancier name. So far she is just the baby.
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More pics

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how cute!! I agree she needs a fancy name..... or, since you have an Ozzy, she could be Harriet or if you go with the other Ozzy, she could be Sharon
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Well, Ozzy is only Ozzy to me The boys call him Hercules! I don't know why
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Amy, how could anyone say no to that sweet face.

As for a name, check out this thread:
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She's adorable!!!!!
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How cute they look together.

I had to laugh when I read the Ozzie and Sharon comment, because I was thinking the very same thing.

I'm surprised that poor Woman isn't deaf
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She is adorable!!
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Very cute!!! I wouldnt have been able to resist her either.

I agree Sharon is a great idea but a different spin on it is Shazza..
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Oh my goodness.......they just make me smile thanks for sharing them
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Awe, she is soo adorable

Any news on the father yet??
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No such luck on the father. One family member took the mother and decided to take the father once she found out how much the cats are worth. I think she is planning to breed them
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