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Joey outside pics

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In honor of my sweet Joey being sick I am posting some pics I took this weekend of him in the back yard

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Awwwwwww love him! Helen you really wouldn't think he was sick looking at him there. He looks a picture of health

Love that first one of him!
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he is such a handsome guy

Miss Moofs sends him some special kisses
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Awwwwwwww Joey you handsome love bug He looks really good Helen ..... heres continued prayers for the sweet mommas boy Joey
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Awww, Helen, Joey is such a big, handsome boy! Continued prayers coming his way.
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Ginger sends purrs and licks (yup, she's a licker, LOL.)

He is handsome and he looks so good in the sun! I especially love the white fur around his mouth - makes him look even more kissable.
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Helen, Joey really is gorgeous! I agree with Betsy - that white around his mouth just makes him all the more kissable.
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He's a handsome dude for sure, Helen. And Susan is right, he doesn't look sickly.

for Joey the man cat!
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great pics, joey looks very good to me
, I really like that first one and last ones.
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Aww Helen! Sweet Joey doesnt even look sick. Hes such a handsome fella. I am still thinking of him And keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
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Aww, Joey. You look such a happy healthy boy. I will be praying for you, sweetie.
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yup, that's one manly boy-cat he looks fab, Helen, many continued vibes
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Wonderful photos Helen- he's gorgeous!
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Those pics are wonderful Helen!! Sweet gorgeous Joey.
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HE is GORGEOUS, and those eyes !

I hope u feel better soon and sending many prayers and vibes ur way

U are just such a cutie
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Thank you all so much, Joey thanks you too He really doesn't look sick at all, he's so handsome and so sweet and I can't believe he's this sick
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He looks so regal! What a strong handsome boy!
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Those pictures are incredible Helen!!

Still sending dear Joey lots of good vibes
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What a gorgeous kitty Joey is!
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