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I'm sitting up in bed...

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So I'm sitting up in bed on the laptop (the alarm goes off in 15 minutes) and Smudge is sprawled out on my pillow looking like the Queen of Sheba. She was lying on my pillow earlier leaving me a sliver of pillow, so after she moved, I turned my pillow over so I wasn't lying in cat hair. I managed about 5 minutes of that before I had to lean over and blow my nose (seems I still got cat hair up my nose), and I roll back only to find she's now taking up my entire pillow!! On the "clean" side!

So now I either lie back down in a pile of cat hair and continue to sneeze like crazy, or sleep with no pillow.... or get a new pillow case, but that's too much effort!
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LoL I feel your pain. Lucky loves to lay on myside of the bed. I have to have the covers touching my face. No matter what I always seem to find the section that Lucky was laying on. It's either fur in the nose or stinky butt smell. LoL
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Crazy things!! Lucky she moved to DH's chest and annoyed him instead
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toss your pillows in the wash and dryer They'll come out nice and fluffy and minus the kitty fur!
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Aw, sweet Smudge could lay on my pillow if she wants. Bijou does this too and I end up with my nose in his fur - I've learned I can actually breathe through cat fur.
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Well, just so Smudge is comfy... that's all that REALLY matters.
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