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It's Lucy's big day!

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Today is Lucy's big day She's going to her new home!
So, thought I'd share a few pictures of my sweet, funny foster girl. It's been a joy to have her!

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aww bless her - she is a sweetheart she looks slightly sad in the middle photo - sad to leave you - but great she has a forever home
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Such a beauty - she will make her new people very happy.

to you
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best wishes to you gorgeous Baby Lu!!! you're going to give your new meowmy a run for her money
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She's precious...congrat's to her new Mom
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She is sucha beautiful girl! I just love her look in the last photo. She looks like she knows something wonderful and new is going to happen to her! Hugs and kisses, Baby Lu!
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Aww she does look sad to be leaving!
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Aww she's gorgeous! I hope she has a great life and thanks for making her have a great life possible! to you!
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Aww! Good luck in your new home Lucy.
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Look at those green eyes!

Good luck letting her go. You're more than welcome to come borrow Jade if you'd like!
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Awwww... she's a love!
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Hope that her new owners love her as much as you do!
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Good luck, pretty girl!

You got her off to a GREAT start at her new life, Eileen.
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Awww, thanks guys.

Lucy's off to her new off. Those gorgeous eyes of her are the most expressive I've ever seen on a cat. You can tell when she's happy, sad and scared, like she was when her meowmy left with her. She'll be just fine once she settles in, though, and her mom will get to see the happy look in those beautiful eyes!
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Oh Lucy good luck with your new home..You are beautiful..
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