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Fudge update.....

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Hi guys, not been around for ages....there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day!!
Has just taken me over an hour to catch up on everyone stories!!

Many congrats to everyone on the new arrivals

And Tasha....have just been catching up on you,and fluffy's story!! Aww more kitties!! Lol....you wont be able to move for kitties in your house soon!!

Fudge's kittens are now 10 weeks old,and are off to their new homes this week .they are all grown up and so independant now.They are ALL boys,which was what i thought in the first place...but i had a wobble around 3 weeks and decided 2 were girls!!! Any way i was right first time!

We were keeping one,Jazz,but a close friend of mine has been begging to have him,and we know he's going to a great home,so i've agreed.

Lily we ended up having to rehome,as she was terrified of Fudge,who kept escaping upstairs and attacking her.Obviously just her instinct protecting her kittens,but with Lily being deaf she never knew when Fudge was coming!
Found her a lovely home with a family close by,and she's doing wonderfully.

Now The kittens are older and Fudge is chilled again we have decided to start fostering again.we have just had a litter of kittens for 3 weeks,which have now been rehomed.We have also taken in a lovely boy(just cant resist!)!!
He is 2 years old and ginger(my fave).He has settled well and Fudge is fine with him....oh and he's neutered already His name is Pickle!!
Here he is...He is definitely staying here as we are all in love!

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Sounds like you've been busy! Pickle is adorable, welcome back to TCS!
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aw great to hear from you again , and so pleased you have found homes for your babys.
and thanx , fluffy is due next week tursday roughly . our kittens are now 7 1/2 weeks old now.
and look at that beautiful boy how could you resist? lol.
thank you for the update sounds like things are going great , and its nice lily has a nice quiet home to have her babys.
and bless you for fostering the other litter of kittens its nice when they get to go to there forever homes isnt it ? makes it all worth while.
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Hi there, glad to hear your updates - aww bet your sad to see the babies go, but they all have great homes to go to, so thats great news

So your house is back to some sort of normality and you are on the fostering job again - well done you

Pickle is such a sweetheart - look at his wide eyes, what a handsome boy and great that he gets on so well with Fudge

Well when you get some time to yourself, maybe you could get some snaps of Fudge & Pickle we'd love to see new photos

See you soon !
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