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the Daily Thread Tuesday May 1

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Morning cat peeps!

Lovely summer day here... oh wait, it's only spring. :doh:

No pic for today but it is May Day. So how about some nice for a celebration????
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I'm up for that

Morning!! A misty day here today and i think it's going to be like this for the rest of the week now.

Watering my plants last night i noticed 2 roof tiles were broken, so i had someone there first thing this morning, because it's at the back and the conservatorys right underneath
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Good morning everyone, coffee is ready
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Morning all!

Sonic is 6 months old today my little kitten is growing up so fast
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As much as I hate coffee, I could do with one today!

I hope your roof is ok Susan

Happy 6 month birthday Sonic
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
I hope your roof is ok Susan
It will be now that i gave him the go ahead to get it done this week He's repointing all the ridge tiles as well because he said they needed doing properly, so at least i have peace of mind for when the winter comes.
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Good night! It's 8:53 and CSI is on WOOT!

I loved the mache/wood box that i started a couple of days ago so much, that im starting on another while the first one dries. Yay for sticky glue all over the place!

Jazzy decided that her favourite place in my room last night was at the top of the fly screen (she has to jump up on the desk then the window sill to get up).....she was hunting down a huge moth flapping about the outside. Instead of growling or making a fuss when i detached her claws from the screen, she plopped straight on top of my shoulder and started purring her head off!!! What is it with calicos!?!? Of course, i was about to go to bed, and i put her out of my i closed the door she looked up at me with those big shiny eyes and i had to let her back in...and straight back to the top of the screen she goes!!!

That was my excitement lol
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Gotta get ready to go greet the little rug rats, I hope everyone here has a great day, C U when I get home this evening.

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Happy Birthday to Sonic!
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good morning, 20 min more then i can go home!!!!
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Morning all, it is raining here this morning and expecting some possible strong storms this afternoon. I am off today, so it will be a good day to stay at home and get caught up on here and around the house. Have a great May-Day everyone.

Happy Birthday Sonic.

Susan I am glad that you are getting your roof repaired.
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Morning all...

Well, this is me this morning...

I felt sick in my sleep, and I went to a friends house last night, and ate this weird food and I think thats the culprit..

This morning I was hugging the toilet, and Trout was looking into it beside me like "mom, what are you looking at for so long in there?"

Anyway, I am going to go to work because I have to email a client first thing..and if I don't go I will miss the pizza lunch that I earned Maybe I'll come home after lunch..lord knows I have never had a sick day.

I hope you all feel okay and have a good day today
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Morning. I am really tired. And sore. Lee and I have gone fishing for the last 2 evenings and my arms are sore from reeling in the line. Gotta wake up!
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Morning all!

Rude awakening today from the boss telling me she's sick and will I open.
I have to take Twig to the vet in between prepping the store for opening and actually opening it. I called one of my coworkers and literally begged her to work my shift so I had someone to cover it otherwise I'd have noone and I'd be madder then I am because I was so rudely awakened today.
What a wonderfully morning. YIKES!
The neighbor is mowing at ten to 7, are you kidding me!? It's ten to 7 in the morning! Can't you wait until at LEAST 7:30? Lordy I can't wait to sell this house.
Can you all see I'm stressing and not having a good day??
I'm tired, angry about being woken up, and worried about Twig and what's going to happen at the vets today.
I need a vacation.
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Yikes, by 10 to 7 I am out of the house walking to the bus. At least my allergies are doing better today. I can mostly breathe and very little coughing.

Hubby has a specialist appointment today about his shoulder (injured it in February and it still isn't healed). Since he is watching my boys we have had to work out a solution. No way he can go to the doctor with a 2 and 1 year old in tow. So he will meet me with at the McDonalds by work and I will feed my boys a McHappy Meal. If hubby isn't finished his appointment by the time we are done eating I will bring the boys back to my work to run around for a bit (as long as it isn't raining). Since this means I will be taking an extra long lunch, I will have to make up the time - yeah! I don't see why I have too. Some people here so up when they want and take long lunches all of the time. I guess I am too concientious for that!

At least I have the day off work tomorrow. It is my youngest son's 1st b-day. We are going to celebrate as a family and spend the whole day together! (maybe I can sleep past 5:30)

Hope everyone has a good day!
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Well its seems that May isn't starting well for a few people!!
We had a nice rain overnight (one inch). So too wet to work outside for now.
Going to try a bit of painting, have a couple of designs to work one-it would be a nice day for a good nap!!
Did alot of cooking yesterday and have messy kitchen to clean up.
Cold is still hanging on-only of my ears would pop!! Going to get stitches removed in finger tomorrow (vibes).
Have a happy May Day!!
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MORNING ALL MY CAT LOVERS!! I am here-lol. Still trying to wake up......and my mouths a bit sore still.

I sure hope its much cooler today than it was yesterday....

Hope ya'all have a SUPER day!!
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It's cloudy and muggy out but the blooming trees look so nice with the dark sky. I am just happy to open the windows and let the cool damp air in.
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