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I have a ?

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tonight well very early this morning(its almost my bedtime its nearly 6am here) I was petting Saphira and her kittens and noticed one of her teats isnt producing milk...its not warmer then any of the others nor is it swollen and she still acts fine...Is this something to worry about?
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I don't think it's anything to worry about. Kittens have their 'own' or favourite teats, so it's not unusual for one or more teats to not be used if there are less kittens than teats.
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all the mammas iv had here in the past have always had very small litters and 9 times out of 10 there 2 front nipples always dry up very quickly after the birth of the kittens. as long as there is no indcation of infection everything seems to be ok. just make sure if she does have 4 or more kittens that the little ones dont get pushed out of the way.
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I think Brandi said in a previous post that Saphira had 3 kittens.
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oh right thank you , so many litters have been born i forget how many.
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