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This is just a general knowledge quiz:

1. What country does India ink come from?

2. What kind of creature was Frankenstein?

3. The Baby Ruth candy bar was named for what person?

4. In what country did Great Danes originate?

5. Jordan almonds come from what country?

Scroll down for answers.

1. India ink originated in China.

2. A human being. Victor Frankenstein was the monster's creator. The monster had no name.

3. The Curtiss Candy Co., maintains that the candy bar was named after Grover Cleveland's first daughter, Ruth.

4. Great Danes were originally bred in ancient Egypt, as large dogs for royalty. They have no connection to Denmark.

5. Jordan almonds originated in Spain. Their name derives from the French word for garden: jardin.
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OK, I flunked that one. But I did get the Frankenstein one right.
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Ooooh.... I didn't do so good on that. But I didn't get the answers wrong the way you'd expect:

1) The US.
2) He was a human (I had to get one right!)
3) Someone besides Babe Ruth... but I don't know who!
4) Germany?
5) India? (Must have been an afterthought from the first question!)

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