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I love to give Heroine treats!Especially since the poor dear is not to bright and when hes good we like him to know hes being good by receiving a treat.Inlight of all these recalls I have stopped giving him any form of treats.Does anyone know of any natural treats or any treats safe to feed?
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There is another thread talking about treats.


What kind of treats does Heroine like? Soft? Crunchy? If you can find a regular dry food that they like but don't get as their regular food, that's what I had been using for treats (before the recall changed everyone's way of life).

I'm still trying to find something mine will eat. I've had a few things that they go for at first, then change their minds about in a day or two. The latest being Nutro Complete Care Indoor. This morning they turned their noses up to Felidae. I think they're addicted to gluten.
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