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Now Molly's the fighter, not Ophelia!

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I'm rather shocked. I've been dealing with this for...2 months now. Molly deficates(loose stools) outside the box. She urinates outside the box. She attacks the other cats. She attacks the dogs. She attacks me(only twice).

I've tried:
Vet visit, nothing physically wrong
Regular playtimes
Treated all stains w/ Nature's Miracle & blacklighted to be sure they're gone
Got the cat tree moved downstairs for her
Gave her "Molly's space"

She's still at it. She is a little chubby, but the vet says that isn't the problem & I agree.

She's a semi-feral. Was brought home already fully vetted as she had a chronic weepy eye & was miserable at the HS. I planned on releasing her as a farm cat. That was in January. I honestly don't really want to release her as every once in awhile her weepy eye weeps again. But, I can't seperate her from everyone else. I've already got Twitch/Lily upstairs, Dory/Ophelia downstairs. Damita goes between floors. Molly is currently downstairs. She can't be upstairs with Twitch/Lily as she beats the tar out of timid Lily.

Here's where I feel really guilty. When I go in/out the downstairs door, she always tries to dart outside. She was trapped from a "feral colony". I have to catch her to pet her. I cannot hold her. She is scared of everyone but me. And the only place you can pet her is her head & straight down her back or she bites you.

However, I want to give this one last shot at the housecat life & am asking for ideas from you guys. If I can make her happy in the house, she can stay. If, she continues to be unhappy or gets worse, I will release her outside with the other farm cats. She will have a shed, two dog houses, & the option of being in the garage or heated shop in the winter. However, I think she just might be a cat that when I release her, I will never touch her again.

I am open to any ideas!
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Well, I will give it a shot. When Cassy came to me, she was declawed and about two. She would bite, always wanted to run out for the first 6 months. I would not have it, she had to stay in. My other 9 year old (had the house to herself for 9 years) would CONSTANTLY find ways to make Cassy's life misrable.

After much love, baths, good food now, her own space, she doesn't want to go out anymore. She also has her own TV: window with bird bath, seed, birdhouse, flowers.
I believe the previous owner(s) used to let her go out even tho she was declawed.

I believe a bath, even tho the cat is clean, is cleansing and refreshing, it somehow washes away the past.

Sounds like your doing everything possible to help this kitty! Has she had a bath?

If it makes you feel any better, I cannot hold Cassy or Mittens for that matter. And when I do pick Cassy up, I get a couple of bites.
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I can't give her a bath. She actually has poop on her & I tried to bathe her. That will not happen again.
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Bring her here, I will give her a bath!! I bought one of those 15 gal. storage buckets at WM and it is a purrfect size to put a kitty in. Fill it, go grab kitty, wear gloves if you have to, and plunge, once in the water, she might calm down. Show her WHO is boss. If she starts biting, she might need a couple of pats on the mouth.
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Has Ophelia become more docile? Is Molly maybe acting out because Ophelia is not?

It doesn't really answer any questions, but I'm curious.

Or has Molly always been like this?
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Molly's always been aggressive, even at the HS. She had to fight to survive.

Ophelia has become much more docile, but will still stand up for herself...when she feels like, that is.
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Oh dear, I have no advice of value to give, but just wanted to leave a little note to tell you how great I think you are for trying to make peace with so many "difficult" cats.
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