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Bronchial Asthma

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I just read the article about Bronchial Asthma, my kitty has that condition. Is there any way to tell how serious his asthma is? When I found him at three months he already had the asthma, that's probably why he was trown out, and I managed to cure it (or that's what I though) with a home made tonic of honey, garlic, basil, yellow onion and aloe vera.

I don't think he's allergic to the clay litter I use or the food he eats (special kitty), but now that the weather changed he's even worst, and I think my daughter cought a cold from him. How safe would it be to administer the drug mentioned on the article(AMINOPHYLLINE)? I wish I could afford to take him to a vet.


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Hi Maharet,

You cannot catch Asthma, it is not a cold nor will it go away or be cured. It is very serious and can be deadly to your kitty. The attacks can be brought on by stress, alergies, or weather changes to name a few. Your kitty will need to get it's medication to help it breath. When the kitty has an attack, as I understand it, it's lungs swell and fill with fluid. It begins to have labored breathing and may cough or pant. It becomes distressed as it becomes harder to breath. Please do everything you can to help this poor baby. Perhaps you can find a low cost vet that will be able to help you understand it's illness, and the treatment it needs. I know you will find a way!
Best of luck.
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Also please note that onions and garlic are bad for kitties depending on how much they get. A little bit is okay, but you should steer clear of homemade remedies at least till you run it by a vet first. I know your heart is in the right place for your kitty, but perhaps you can call around to clinics near you and find one that will help you on a hardship or payment plan? Asthma can be very serious for cats as well as people. Good luck!
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One of my previous cats, Midnight, was diagnosed with asthma when she was 11 years old.

It is necessary to take a cat to the vet in order to get a definite diagnosis of asthma. When the vet examined Midnight, she suspected asthma and took a couple of x-rays of Midnight's lungs (necessary for the diagnosis) and did a blood test. The x-rays indicated asthma and the results of the blood test confirmed it. The vet used the lowest dose possible of Prednisone, which is a steriod, to treat Midnight's condition. We noticed an improvement in Midnight's breathing and general level of activity after the first 2 doses of this drug. I felt the costs involved were quite reasonable.

Please do everything you can to find a vet you can afford so the kitty can be diagnosed and helped.

Good luck!
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