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My aunt's parrot...

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died today. He was very talkative and mimic her voice!
Please send some good vibes to my aunt.
She and my uncle a sick and he was sent to a nursing home.
She is here alone and missing her parrot.
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I am so very sorry for your aunt's loss. your aunt will be in my thoughts.
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I'm so sorry. My prayers are with her.
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Ah that's so sad. Sending her and her husband healing vibes. This is a difficult time for her to lose her friend.
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I will tell my aunt.
(OT: By the way babygirl, love your avatar! Yankee fan here! I love them all but Derek Jeter is my fave. )
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Aww. I am so very sorry to hear that. Many HUGS for your aunt.
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my aunt's parrot (Paquito) passed away yesterday.
Today, we go by to visit her and take her to see my uncle. Now, there is this beautiful dog hanging around her gate! It appears that he broke his collar and belongs to someone buy maybe this pup is meant to be for her? She does have some cats though and loves them very much.
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I am soo sorry for your aunts loss. i imagine she must be heartbroken. i will keep her in my thoughts and prayers
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oh thats so so sad.Sending thoughts
I grew up with parrots I know how they become such a part of you.RIP Poor sweet thing
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I am so sorry for her loss. Being owned by a parrot I can understand the very special bond that exists between a parrot and his/her chosen human, and the long term nature of that bond. It must be very difficult for her at the moment. They talk to you in your own language, they are entertaining and highly intelligent, and they can have a long life, so when they leave you it is always either tragically before their time was due, or when they have been such a part of your life for decades that the hole they leave in your heart cannot ever be repaired

Please let your aunt know that animal lovers the world over are thinking of her.
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My aunt thanks all of you who have had her in your thoughts!!
She is very greatful.
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