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Do I have any chances to...

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help my cats be friendlier to each other? I understand many of the ways in which to stop a cat fight. I'm talking a real hair spitting, biting neck, leaving scabs, cat fight! I know my five-yr. old cat, Molly is the Alpha cat, for sure. Naomi, my other cat, is about three-yrs. old. Both tolerate each other, but that's about it. I tried very hard to let both cats know I love them equally. I play with one as much as the other. They each have their own 'game' they like to play. So, I'll play with Naomi by tossing up paper balls so she can swat them (she's good...those things go zingin' by at least 40 miles an hour!..ha-ha! )
Then, I have to play with Molly by running with a long trailing cat toy of some kind that she can run after. I HAVE to put it in the bathtub and then the toilet -- that's part of the game.
But if I try to get BOTH of them to play with me, (I usually do a "hide and seek" game) they don't want to play. Either Molly STARES, and I mean STARES at Naomi, as if to say, "I dare you." Naomi is always looking at Molly as if to say, "Is it ok if I play with Mom?" Naomi is so timid and scared of her.
Is there anyway I can help them to become more friendly towards each other? BTW, I do use Feliway Spray once a day and spray about 4 to 6 different "spots" a day. WHY would a cat hormone calm down a cat though? I do not understand the way Feliway works on a cat.
Sorry this is so long - guess it's really a two-fold question!
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I am in the same situation and I don't use any sprays. Mittens is the Boss and Cassy, my poor Cassy is the newcomer. Try as you might, they will not play together on your terms. Maybe when time passes, they will. But, in the meantime, it is fun trying to get them to play together.

My Mittens went crazy when I brought Cassy in. Mittens would eat her food, use her litterbox. Poor Cassy. Yes, I talked to them, reasoned with them, put them in a time-out together while in their carry cages and just let them hiss and growl until they could not hiss and growl anymore.

Now, a year later, they still don't play together, there is still some growling but not as much and Mittens is civil to Cassy now. Mittens is S L O W L Y warming up to Cassy. (I have had Mittens for 9 years before bringing in another kitty)

They do have separate litterboxes in different locations, also, they eat at the same time, but in separate locations. And they sleep in separate locations.

And they both love me and they know that I love them both EQUALLY and I tell them so many times!!! And Mittens KNOWS that I want her to love Cassy, and Cassy knows that I want Mittens to love her. At least they know, now it's up to them to work it out.
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With the Feliway, perhaps try the plug-in. Spraying in spots won't really help unless you're spraying a cat carrier before you put the cat in there for a trip etc. You plug it in to an ordinary electric outlet in the room where the cats spend theri time and it emits calming pheremones. These pheremones help to create a peaceful and calm atmosphere among the cats. Be careful not to use any other perfumed plug-ins or room sprays anywhere near the plug-in

You can also try using Rescue Remedy by Bach. It has a similar effect in calming the cats and restoring harmony. Drop 4-5 drops in the cat's water bowl and stir well.
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Here's a link explaining a bit more about the Feliway Comfort Zone Plug-in: http://www.petvetsupply.com/comzonwitfel.html
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