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A lot of Craziness

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Hi Everyone..
I have a question, first here's the story..

I have a female Cat whom just had Kittens 3 weeks ago.. The Cat she had Kittens with is Mandy.. Mandy whom was out for a week.. came home last night.. Ever since, Kandy has gone ballistic.. She's hissing at the cats (i have 6) attacking everyone well the cats and i don't know why.. every time she see's Mandy she attacks him.. and who ever is in her way.. 2 minutes she's kissing her other daughter Middie (which is now 11 months..) and the next she's attacking her.. i mean full fledge attack hair ripping things flying.. me freaking out Crazy.. I swear it.. i have locked the cats in separate rooms because of this.. but i can't keep doing that.. So i ask.. Is there a solution to my problem.. what can i do to stop her craziness...?

Anyhow Any advice is welcome I'm super desperate.. and extremely scared so to speak.. lol

anyhow thanks
-Steph aka .K.andy.C.harly.M.andy
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She's protective of her kittens. If given the choice cats will have their kittens as far away from other cats as they can and hidden at that. In some situations tom cats will kill kittens to put the female back into heat.
Keep her separated as much as you can and do not let the other cats in the same room as the kittens are in. Maybe she'll realize they can't get to them and calm down some.

Please consider getting her spayed soon. Heats, kittens, and caring for them is really tough on kitties. Plus, there's enough cats and kittens needing homes, there's no reason to add to the population.
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