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Charlie's April Show Pictures

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Ok here's the 1st half (the 2nd half will be the Oci/Bengal pictures).

Breed Pics:

American Curl

British SH

Cornish Rex

Maine Coon


Selkirk Rex (odd eye white)

One of the Championship Finals

Charlie's Kitten Final

Charlie Playing in the Cage

Charlie's Final Comment to the Judges

Really cool cat beds (a little expensive tho)

More pictures tomorrow
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Cute beds, I doubt they would get used around here though, they prefer human beds

Charlie of course looks adorable. Great show pics, I hope there's a CS in the second part
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I really like Charlie's final comment to the judges.
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Very cute pictures of Charlie. The cat beds are cute!! I like the action picture of him playing at the show!!! I love the Somali picture, all of them were nice.
Good luck on Charlie's next show!!
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The Oci/Bengal pictures are the "lesson" pictures so we all can tell them apart. Once you see them together, you see the differences a lot quicker
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Great pics.

I Charlie's comment to the judges!

And those cat beds - TOO NEAT!
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Charlie you handsome devil you! I love your final comments to the judges.
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Charlie is so adorable! He looks like he was totally enjoying himself! I love his little pink tongue!
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Wonderful pictures! Of course the somali pic is my favorite
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HA, I've never seen those beds before. They are funny
Was Charlie saying he thought the judge was delic?
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Was being polite in giving raspberries to the judges who didn't give him a ribbon
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Beautiful Charlie. I love the playing in the cage and I absolutely agree with his assessment of the judges Good raspberry Charlie!

It looks like you both had fun, though. I wish I still lived in MN, seems like many TCS'ers are there and I would love to have been able to come see you at the show.
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so many cuties, but charlie was my favorite He is just getting more and more GORGEOUS

those cat beds are cute too
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