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Update on Vaccine Reaction

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Took her into the vet today because the lump on the left side is pretty large. He vet is very concerned that it seems to be sort of spreading (she had her shots two weeks ago today). He said it could be a localized reaction to something being stuck under her skin. So he gave her a shot of antibiotics undernearth the lump and I'm supposed to call Wed and tell him if it went down any.

Any words of advice? I hope?
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No advice as this has never happened to my cats. I hope the antibiotic works and the lump shrinks with no more problems. Hugs and positive thoughts to both of you.
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I think the shot *may* be helping, as the inflammation beneath the lump seems to have gone down a tiny bit... but it may just be the way she is laying. Gosh, it's so hard to tell.

If the antibiotic shot DID help, does that mean good news or bad?

Also.... in terms of VAS, how soon do those tumors develop? I read they're from inflammatory responses.
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I don't have any experience with vaccine reactions, but my cat Cindy developed a huge lump following a steroid shot. The lump was there for, must have been a couple months, not really going down. I was freaking out, the vet kept saying wait and see (it wasn't getting bigger either). We finally scheduled an appointment for a lumpectomy, but she had antibiotics right before that for some infection. The day before we were to take her in, the lump disappeared completely.

I guess my point is that if the antibiotic shot causes it to go down, it sounds like it might be a good sign. Good luck, I really hope everything turns out good for your baby.
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Hi - I had this happen to a persian cat of mine several years ago. She had gotten her routine rabies shot and within a week I noticed this big lump at the spot on the injection. When I took her back to the vet she advised me that it was a reaction to the shot and to be safe I should have it removed, as some do turn into cancer. So, better safe then sorry, I had it removed, and now I am aware that this can happen from a vaccine. I had no clue prior to going thru this. Funny how they never warn you that this sort of thing can happen. If it doesn't get better soon, I would be more persistant with your vet or seek a second opinion. Here is an interesting article on this.

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She had her check-up today, two days after the antibiotic inj, and the lumps have gone down. BUT!!!!!.... there is a NEW LUMP right above the very tiny rabies lump. I can barely even feel it, but the vet said it's bigger than a pea but smaller than a walnut, and he gave her another antibiotic inj under the first problematic lump, and said something about it being systemic. Is it normal for vaccine rxns to become somewhat systemic?... I never thought of it before, but I guess it could happen since the vaccine itself becomes systemic?

He said he doesn't think it's a sarcoma... he said if it were to turn cancerous, it would shrink but not completely go away, then come back feeling differently than they do now.

I don't know what to do, I'm so upset.
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I'm sorry.... hang in there. Are you comfortable with your vet and what he is saying? I'm not sure what is meant by systematic ??? With my cat it was just one lump at the injection site about the size of a walnut.

I guess not many people have been thru this since there isn't alot of response to this post. Hopefully someone can add something....

Just keep watching the lumps and if you don't feel comfortable you can always go someplace else for a second opinion to ease your mind.

I was so irritated after spending over $250 to have the lump removed that I didn't take her for a rabies shot for several years. I was too afraid. I finally had to get her one because I needed to have her groomed and they wouldn't do it without the proper vaccines. She didn't have any reaction that time. She was a persian and my vet told me persians are prone to this happening from vaccines. I was like... great..
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Oh yes, I LOVE our vet! He's on a bunch of veterinary boards and has won many awards and accolades. He doesn't seem overly concerned but I AM!!

Systemic basically means it travels throughout the body. I suppose this might make sense b/c the vaccine itself is designed to work systemically. Maybe it's causing a systemic inflammation?
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