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ear cut

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About a week ago Willie had a cut, not a clean, straight one, it was bigger and round not like a cut that was straight so i guess you would call it a scrape. Two days ago the scab that had formed fell of and it was all healed. Well yesterday i noticed another one. it was new and very red, I washed it with a moist cotton ball. It's not far in the ear, in fact it's very close to being out of the ear. Today it is turning yellowish and still looks wet. Should I put something on it? Do you think Willie is doing it to himself or that Neko is hurting him?
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Is the new sore in the same area as the original? If so, it is quite possible Willie may have earmites or some other skin problem in that area such as allergies- that is making him scratch there. Your best bet would be a vet visit to get him checked out-and get some treatment for his wound. If it is yellow-ish that is most likely puss, which can signal an infection. I'd take him to the vet
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Like the other poster said, the yellow color could mean it is infected. I would get him to the vet. He may keep busting it open himself since it is irritating and then when it starts to heal up it itches and he scratches it and busts it open again. You may need an antibiotic from the vet and also one of those head cones for him to wear until it heals so he can't get at it.
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