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Puntured and Cut

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I have a male cat whom had been stayed outside for a whole week.. I was preoccupied with the new born.. i mean like 19 new born.. 18 now.. That i did nolt notice.. So last night come home.. put he wasn't okay... he has a gash on top of his left eye.. and it looks like he has a puncture whole on his right shoulder.. I can't afford to bring him tot he vet until next week.. and i cleaned it up a bit with peroxide and a special cream for cuts and scraps.. formulated to help heal.. What does one recommend i do until next week? by the way his eyes are swollen.. and i don't think he got into a fight with a cat, i think it was a dog.

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I know you want to wait until next week, but he REALLY REALLY REALLY needs to get to the vet asap. The vet will most likely work a payment plan out for you. Puncture wounds are VERY SERIOUS! If an infection develops down in there, it can get very serious, very fast- and VERY expensive to treat. If your vet does'nt work out a payment plan or something for you- call another. Please, do not wait until next week. If his eye is swollen it can become infected as well. Trust me, the longer you wait, the more expensive it will be to treat.
I lost a cat once to a puncture wound. I was VERY young and we just did'nt have the money to get him treated. HE ONLY LIVED A FEW DAYS That was THE MOST horrific thing I think I have ever been through in my life. He was an awesome cat, and I would give my life to this day to give him another chance to live. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT
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Please take this cat to a vet NOW. Can you work out some sort of payment plan with the vet? Do you have a TV, DVD player, stereo etc. that you can sell to pay for his vet bills? Please read this article about what to do if you can't afford a vet: http://www.thecatsite.com/Health/76/...erinarian.html
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I hope that he gets to feeling better soon, and is able to get to the vet for help. Hugs are coming your way from us..
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If you truly cannot afford a vet, please surrender this kitty to a no-kill shelter so that he can get the medical treatment he really, really, really needs now. That is the kindest thing you could do for him.
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Any update on this kitty? Please let us know how he is doing. I hope you are able to get to the vet very soon.
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Poor baby, There are some pretty bad animals he could have tangled with. Letting this go can turn into a more involved and more expensive problem. It is better to get him seen. You have no way of knowing if this happened early in the week or just the day you noticed it. Smelling the wound can give you a clue as to infection but there are bigger concerns. Many illnesses are transfer via saliva and/or open wounds. Did you know their is an epidemic of Feline Aids in feral cats?

I know you are busy with a baby but if he were your child would you ignore him because of this new baby? He has been your loving and devoted companion and deserves to be taken care of properly. I bet he is confused and hurt by being ignored. Cats do have feelings.

Please let us know how he is doing .
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I believe the OP mentioned in another thread that this cat fathered their other cat's kittens, thus isn't neutered.

Even though the puncture look deep it is probably from fighting with another male cat, intact males do this. Dogs tear and crush when they bite.
Cat bites are very nasty and get infected quickly, that there's swelling suggests that it is already infected.

He needs antibiotics and a vet to thoroughly clean the wounds. This can cost $100-200 but is worth it, infection can easily kill a cat.

Until you take him to a vet, keep the cat inside, keep the wounds clean and apply an antibiotic ointment (without pain reliever). Do not use more peroxide, as this is bad for punctures and will also eat away healthy tissue. Try using betadine or iodine, use a cotton ball or q-tip to apply, then dab off the extra before applying ointment. Be careful not to let the cat lick the iodine.

Is there a family member or friend who can loan the money?
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Hi KCM im sorry your boy is injured but i have to agree with some of the other posters , he really needs to see a vet asap, like someone said if you can not afford it at the moment then it might be nicer to surrender him to a no kill shelter , so he can get the treatment he needs, i know you have been up to your eye balls with kittens 3 cats getting pregnant , and also losing some of your little ones. but i cant belive you was to distracted to remember your boy? i can not remember if he is neutered or not , but if he isnt then this is why he is fighting , get him done if he isnt already , and once the kittens are old enough get the mums and kittens done also, if you can afford it , if not then keep them inside away from any intact males , raising kittens is expensive especially 3 litters. once the mums go back in to heat the toms will come calling , and more fighting will go on with your boy and the strays. i hope you find a way of getting him to a vet soon , please update when you can.
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