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I got Princess in Alaska in 1993. She was the cutest, sweetest, most adorable kitten in the pet shop. I moved back to my home state with her and some how my mom thought it was her cat. When I moved out several years later, just 30 minutes away, we had a custody battle.

Princess was sick now and then when she was young. The vet contributed it to a low immune system. As she got older, her throat began getting infected now and then and the same vet said it was sort of like AIDS in a human. She continued to get worse until we had to give her shots of steroids and shoot pills down her mouth.....she wasn't eating and we just felt sorry for her. The vet never did any testing, just looked down her mouth and made a Dx.

The vet wanted to put her to sleep, but we knew it wasn't her time because the bouts of illness were not prolonged or too harsh. This vet was no help at all so I took her to another one. This lady did all kinds of test and a biopsy of her throat. Test came back and we found out she had cancer, but by this time it was too late. Her head was swollen, her eye was glazed shut, and she was having trouble breathing.

I can't contine but it just makes me mad that the first vet didn't take the time to do a proper testing in the beginning. Every animal we've ever had died of old age, not an infection, illness, or disease.

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Princess was a very special cat, and my heart goes out to you that she went to the Bridge. She was lovely.
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Princess was beautiful. I can understand why you and your mom both wanted her. It's heartbreaking when we lose a special animal like her. We so want our pets to be with us longer, even if they live many years. I know that losing her prematurely must be very difficult for you. I wish you peace.
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Thank you....
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