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New Fish Scores

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I went to the 2007 American Livebearer Association national convention in Cleveland, OH this past weekend and I was followed home by some nice fish.

The auction was huge. It started at 12pm and when I left a little before 7pm it looked like they still had another three hours worth of livestock left before it would be over. There were a lot of people there. I got to meet and talk to some nice people and the speakers that I heard were very good.

Anyway, the fish that I brought home were:

Limia vittata. This fish is also called the Cuban Limia and are similar in shape to the Molly. For a livebearer they reach a decent size getting close to 4" in length. They will develop a lovely black and gold spotted pattern. I have a starter colony of mixed sizes of 10 fish.

Limia tridens. The fish is also called the Tiberon Limia and gets to less than half of the size of the previously mentioned L. vittata. I have a group of 6 of mixed sizes.

Nomorhamphus ebrardtii. I have a trio (1m/2f) of this fish which is also known as the Orange-finned Halfbeak. The picture in the link doesn't do the fish justice. The tail fin, anal fin and dorsal are all orange.

[i]Xenoophorus captivus "Santa Maria"[i]. This fish is commonly known as the Green Goodeid. I already had some of these but the population was struggling and I was down to four so it was time to introduce some new blood to the line and I picked up two male/female pairs to help get the population rebuilt and stable.

Xiphophorus nezahualcoyotl Rio el Salto. A swordtail species that is commonly called the Northern Mountain Swordtail or Mountain swordtail. Rio el Salto is the location where this particular fish originated.
The Rio el Salto strain looks like this:

I picked up a trio of this fish (1male/2female) as well as some fry which are currently being kept in 10 gallon tank to grow them out some before adding them to the main tank with the parents.

All of the species mentioned above are in their own tanks. I want to start working on getting some fish in the ALA Breeder Award Program.

I picked up some fish for a couple of friends.
Xiphophorus helleri "blue". One pair. This is the natural blue strain of X. helleri. This is the swordtail that is used to create many of the domestic color strains that are seen in the hobby. I'm not sure if this picture is actually that of a blue.

Xiphophorus birchmanni. One pair. This is a heavily bodied swordtail and the kicker is that the males don't have the trademark swordtail.

Skiffia francesae.
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Nice links, Bryan. Cool fishies. Sounds like you had a good time at the show.
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Sounds like you had a great time! You need to post some more pictures of your tanks!
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Thank you! Local clubs and national auctions are great ways to meet new people and to give yourself an opportunity to obtain species that normally wouldn't be found in a fish/pet store. The fish will usually be of higher quality and many might even come with a "pedigree". What I mean by that is not only will the species be listed but also the location where the fish originates. An example would be my swordtails. Xiphophorus nezahualcoyotl is the species with Rio el Salto being the location of where this specific type of fish comes from. The reason why it is nice to know this information is that there can be differing color strains of the same species depending on the location of where it is found.

The few pictures that I took of the show room didn't turn out well at all. The lighting was horrible and my camera is pretty much obsolete as far as digitals are concerned. I do have some pictures of tanks and fish that I had in the past that I'll post later. When I get some of the new tanks and fish I'll post them as well.

I appreciate your kind comments.
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