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New Kitty

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Hi, I'm Karen, a new kitty in town. I've been fostering cats for a couple of years now. I just recently fostered a mama cat and her 6 kittens since they were 3 days old! Not only did I have them, but I was also fostering a male cat and had 2 cats of my own, all of us in a one bedroom apartment.

I recently moved out of state and the one foster cat was adopted out, I gave my 2 cats to my parents that live in the country, and I had to give mama cat and the 4 remaining kittens back to pet adoption. I adopted 2 out to my cousin where I'm living now and it was too much for her, so I have them back.

So I have two of the kittens here and I'm flying back to my home state for a visit and adopting the mama cat. I saw her on the adoption website and it just broke my heart that she's still there and my fiancee said we could have her!!

Does my confusing story make sense?
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Karen, it makes perfect sense - and you love your kitties, and that's just brilliant!

Welcome to the Cat Site, it's great you've joined.

I have to say I read your post about Princess with huge sadness, she sounded like a very special and brave cat.

Jump in and chat, or if you feel like it, tell us mare about Princess. It helps to talk about things that hurt.

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Welcome Karen! So glad you found us here! There are many of us here who just have the utmost respect for anyone who can foster. I know I would not be able to give them up, even to good homes. You must have a heart of gold to foster, and I'm glad there are people like you who can do it.

Please, join us in all the other forums. We love making new human and feline friends. I look forward to getting to know you better!
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Thank you for the welcomes Yola and valanhb.
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You're an angel!!!! And of course your story makes perfect sense. We are, after all, cat people. You might not be used to that!

I am one of those who has ultimate respect for people who foster. What a heartbreaking "job." We "fell" into cats because of a stray and then a litter of kittens turning up in our yard. We rescued two, and started TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) around here. We're working on getting the other "outside" kittens adopted.

We live in an RV! And there's two of us - and now THREE cats! Yup. Another kitten turned up - she got very sick, so we brought her in. We intended to foster Munchkin - but nope. She's part of the family now. Like I've said a million times on thise site - I admire those who foster, because I can't do it. Guess what? I was right!

Hope you've found a new home here, Karen.

You can have fun, help others, share kitty pics, etc. in the Lounge. You can get help (or help others!) with any questions (or answers!) you have in the Behavior, Health, and Care & Grooming forums. If you like silly kitty pics - go nuts! There are lots over in the Caption This! forum.

You sound like you may be able to help out or get help in the Ferals or S.O.S. Forums.

God forbid you should need it, but we share our grief and provide support to each other over our lost loved ones in the Crossing the Bridge forum.

I'm such a blab you'd think I'd be writing over in the Paws and Reflect forum - but lots of people seem to enjoy sharing stories (and creating them!) over in the Paws and Reflect forum.

It can get pretty addictive - and there's truly a wonderful crew here.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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