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Vibes for AbbyGayle

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I am going to the Doctor today so we will find out her weight but also she isnt doing the best she has something going on with the sinuses... She breaths really bad at night and a few times has stoped but jolts herself back awake wish us luck... I am worried it has gotten worse over the last 3 weeks and she sounds so bad at night
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Mega {{{vibes}}} for AbbyGayle!
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Lots of vibes for your sweet girl!
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Oh no....I will send vibes her way. I hope everything is ok!
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TY so very much....
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Bless her heart. She will be in my thoughts and prayers Jenn.
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Aw - big mega vibes for the sweet girl!

(fwiw - my daughter got a sinus infection when she was only a week or two old and that sounds like what my Nicole had. She had a very small face and nose, and had some slight sinus issues for a while. Nothing too terrible though.) hugs - Kim.
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Many vibes for your little girl.
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Lots of vibes for you, little sweetie
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Oh Bless her heart...many vibes for a good appt. Calming vibes for you
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oh lots of vibes coming your way for the appointment

give that little angel a kiss from us
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Lots and lots of vibes for her!
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Tons of vibes for the little angel!
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Many {{Vibes}} for your precious little angel. Everyone here at TCS is here for you!! Good luck!!
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ty all we leave in hour in half so I am trying to get her all pretty but she keeps pooping lol
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Sending lots of vibes for your sweet baby girl.
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Lotsa vibes for the little sweetie!
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many many good vibes coming ur guys' way She is such a little sweethear Please let us know what happens
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Absolutely -- lots of healing light on its way to your little sweetheart...
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Many vibes coming from this way too.Give her hugs from all of us here.
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More vibes headed your way for your little precious
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Hope the visit went well
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update need update!!! Just was checking to see how it went. Let us know.
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are there any updates? I hope it turns out to be nothing.
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Just checking in to see how your little girl is doing. Just wondering. Hope all is well!
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Positive vibes heading your way for your little princess....
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ok here is the update... She has to go see a Ear Nose Throat doctor Still no clue what is going on but we do have a reason for the crying episodes she has been doing... She is over eating yes over eating... I nurse so no clue how much but she eats every 90 min... I have been told to start stretching it out to 2.5 hours to try the binky... She wants to suck it is a natural soother for babies... So I have been ordered to take her off the TAP lol.. Or as Rob says no more Kegs LOL. SO we have some resolution then stuck with the breathing part
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Hopefully the ears/nose guy can help. Many babies have very snorkly breathing when they are very young - Derek did. Good luck with the holding off feeding. Derek never took the binky until he was at least 6 months so if that doesn't work, try your pinky - worked for Derek like a charm.
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Hopefully the ENT will be able to help your sweet little girl! I am blessed to have a wonderful ENT as my doctor (vertigo, some bad ear problems as well as TMD) he was soooo helpful!!! The ear surgeries i had fixed my ears right up, and the med. he put me on for my Vertigo keeps me practically symptom free I am sure your ENT will be able to help out little Abby Also- you might bring up sleep apnea to him. It is not uncommon for babies to experience mild degrees of sleep apnea. Many parents just don't notice because they are not standing over their little chests to see if they're breathing or not all night. What you can do though is ask about an Apnea Monitor. There is a little band that will go around her chest and it is hooked up to a monitor. If she stops breathing, the monitor alarm will go off and notify you. (but you must make sure it's in the right place on the chest because if not, it'll be beeping and scarring you all night!) Sometimes it helps put parents minds at ease with an apnea monitor....if she is having frequent episodes- it's definitely worth asking the ENT about I hope the little sweetie pie gets better soon!
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Every 90 minutes! You must be exhausted, LOL! I hope the next appointment goes well - when is it?
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