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Need quick advice feral w/babies

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Hello, we have a lot of ferals in the parking garage where I work. I found 5 kittens that look to be about 3 weeks old today. I have been trying to catch mom with no luck. So I took a carrier and put the kittens in the carrier (used gloves hoping to to scent them) and put the trap up next to the carrier. I am hoping mom will go in to get to the kittens and be trapped in with them (and food and water too).
But if mom is too spooked to return to them, should I bring them in and start bottle feeding? It's going to be nearly 100 degrees today and they were on concrete under a car. I am worried about dehydration.
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Update: freaked out and brought kittens in because they were panting. They took some KMR, but not much. Still have the trap out for mom.
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Well, a more seasoned foster mom came in and showed me how to get them to eat. I had been trying to get the crust of one little guy's eyes and she had it done in 30 seconds. I am still looking for mom and have the trap out. After work I am going to take the kittens back out and see if mom will come out for them. Any advise? I am a little worried that I have spooked her too much.
I don't know if I jumped the gun by bringing these guys in or not but they looked so hot and mom couldn't have been having an easy time keeping 5 of them fed and cleaned. She looks like a kitten herself.
These kittens have their eyes open and their ears up - and they can waddle just a little, so I am guessing that they are 3 weeks.
Pooh was abandoned so I didn't have to worry about finding his mom. He was 6 weeks old and could eat solids so I am new to this "baby" stuff!
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How wonderful that you are helping those poor little babies. It is good in my opinion that they are being handled so young by humans. It will be easier on them later on since they will be socialized.

I don't really know how to catch mom, but possibly you could do it another way. Trap her with some good food inside. It might work ..

Good luck in catching her...... I hope someone with more experience than me with trapping will respond.

The kitty gods were with those babies when you found them. In my opinion, you absolutely did the right thing... They definately needed help.

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One more thing. I also raised a kitten or two on KMR. They will thrive. It is a great substitute milk. Just keep trying. Soon they will be looking forward to feeding time.

And also, keep some water in a bowl handy. They learn bowl drinking real early when mama is not around. You might put a little KMR in it to tempt them. When they learn to lap well, you can give them milk in a bowl instead of using a bottle. It won't be but a couple weeks and you can start trying a little soupy mix of food. But be sure and keep them water out. Just a little shallow bowl.

There is nothing cuter than little kittens standing on their food plate trying to learn to eat......
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Hi Jenn,
Thanks for the tips. I found a couple of articles that talk about the water and they also suggest mixing KMR with a soft food and putting a bit on my finger to see if they will lick it. I am still a little concerned because I can't get them to pee for me. Is it possible that they are piddel-ing a little on the towel and I just don't notice it yet?
I think mom is out of the question. She is way too feral and as I was tucking the babies in last night, I thought that the mom would probably be tearing apart my bathroom or getting out and fighting with Pooh (the master of the house). I honestly don't think she would be calm enough to stay in my bathroom and not freak out. So for now, I guess I am the mom.
I took some pictures today so hopefully I can post them tomorrow.
I live in the Metro Phoenix area and I am trying to find a more experienced foster situation for them.
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I just PM'd a member in the TCS Long Distance Rescue group that lives in your area. Perhaps there are resources out there to help you.
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I appreciate that. I know there are people a lot more experienced than me at this.
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I am researching this right now to see what I can find I will post here as soon as I find something out. If there is something in specific that you need right away- PM me! I live in Scottsdale so if you need something, I'm just a drive away!
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Ok. So I've been trying to search around... Here are some phone numbers that you can try.

Numbers for fostering the kitties:
Arizona Humane Society 602-997-7586
Animal Rescue Center 602-867-9720
Arizona Animal Welfare League 602-273-6852
Maricopa County Animal Shelter 602-506-7387

Here are some numbers for trapping:
AzCats 480-968-4TNR
Feral Friends of AZ-TNR 480-818-1890

Websites to check out on trapping: - 27k -

I don't know what your situation is.... but if you absolutely need someone to take these kitties off of your hands PLEASE get in touch with me and I can take care of them at my place until I can find someone that will foster them. I will PM you my phone number
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!!!!!!VERY IMPORTANT...........VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!


Get a Q-tip and put vaseline or baby oil on it and rub it across their poop place AND their tinkle place. That's why mama kitty licks them. So they can tinkle and poop. The q-tip will do the same thing.

If they haven't been tinkling they need relief bad...........! They have to be stimulated to tinkle or they will have a burst bladder and die...... Same thing with poop.

You can also use a rag but moisen it with something....

Put a wee wee pad down or set them in the litter box you eventually want them to use and do this NOW...........

Lordy lordy, I am going to worry now until I hear back from you..
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Well, thank goodness for the internet because my husband looked up the part about rubbing their behind parts and I did get them to pee twice yesterday. With 5 of them it's hard to know which ones went at which feeding and which ones did not. I have only been bottle feeding KMR so should I be expecting any poo yet? One little guy ate some canned food mixed with KMR this morning for the first time. That was only 4 hours ago. Not sure how soon to expect poo out of him. He's the darker colored runt, so I can keep track of him.
Here is a picture:

Please tell me how old you think they are. I think 3 weeks. Any other advice is surely welcome. Thanks so much.
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Oh my gosh! They are soooo adorable! I am so happy that you took these kitties in. They would have surely died yesturday in that heat! Great job! After they get old enough- I can help you find homes for them if you want! If I don't steal them all myself! LOL
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Just FYI, I am going home sick and for some reason cannot log in at home (dialup?), but I can read postings, so please keep adding your advice!!
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Good news,
Since I couldn't actually sleep when I got home from work yesterday, I made about a hundred phone calls and hit the internet. About an hour after I sent an email to an agency called HALO, a lady called me and said that she had a lactating mom with just one 3 week old baby. She said maybe Rosie would take my kittens. I asked her if she wanted to call Rosie and call me back. She explained that Rosie was the mama cat! I went to her house and was so impressed with the professional set up she had in a "guest house". Rosie took to my babies right away and they seemed happy to have a step brother!
I have already signed up to volunteer with this great organization!
Thanks everyone for your help!!
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OHHHH! That's great news! I'm so happy! Congratulations on saving the lives of 5 innocent babies!
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That is wonderful news!!!! And those kittens are just adorable!! I'm sure glad Rosie likes them. Nothing beats a mama kitty and her good milk..........

You did a good deed!!!!
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They look to be in the 3 week range. How wobbly are they when they walk? It seems like kittens start walking a little less wobbly when they are nearer 4 weeks old.

When you switch kittens to KMR, they do sometimes get a little constipated.

And a trick to start using right now: get a shallow pan for a litter box and use clay litter (do NOT use clumping litter on kittens). When you stimulate them to urinate, put them in the litter pan. They learn to relate the litter box to elimination, something mom would have taught them but you are their mom now.
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Great news!! You are wonderful for rescuing these adorable babies; I am the adopting mom of two formerly feral boys and they are just thriving! If it had not been for people like you, my two boys may not have made it. Now they are a big healthy 9 months old and love their mommies and their home. Also, wonderful news about mommy cat taking them on!

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I spoke to the volunteer coordinator today who said that all 5 were doing great. I am so happy. I do miss the squeaky little love muffins, but I know they will get all of their shots and tests and get neutered now.
From now on I will be stopping by a PetSmart every Friday to clean litter, feed and play with the few cats that stay in the stores for adoption. They have an area where you can play with them and let them stretch out. That should be fun and I hope to see my little sweeties again. If I do, I will post pictures. In about 5 more weeks I should see their pictures on the webpage when they are ready for adoption.
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So let me get this straight..... those kitties that you had are now at petsmart? That's cool.... which one is it... I would love to go see them in person
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Originally Posted by mybabyphx View Post
So let me get this straight..... those kitties that you had are now at petsmart? That's cool.... which one is it... I would love to go see them in person
I think she agreed to volunteer to help the cats that the rescue does show at the Petsmarts...I think the kittens are far too young to be at the petsmart so they are most likely in a foster home.

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Yes, TNR1 is right. I did volunteer but I won't see my little ones for several more weeks. I will update the post when their pictures pop up on the web site for adoption. Not all of the animals ever get to a PetSmart, so I don't know if I will get to actually see them.
They will be on and we only named one (Chester) but she said she would keep his name so I will surely be able to pick him out!
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