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iv been asked to foster

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a orange and white tabby 13 week old kitten . but i dont know if i can at the moment. the reason he hasnt found a home yet is due to his special diets , he has a digestive problem so has a bit of trouble. i dont know to much about it as yet.
but i have always dreamed of haveing an orange kitty weather it be older cat or kitten ,( i love all my cats like my own btw) this is why im not to sure about fostering him because i know i wont be able to let him go
sooo , tell me NO NO NO , i need others with a strong head to tell me this
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You have a big heart Tasha so I know this will be a hard decision for you. If you can handle taking care of this kitty and one more won't make much difference as in space needed, extra care needed, then I say go for it. I know it would be hard to turn him down.
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his name is gizmo , i told them i will let them know by first thing in the morning. im gonna have to think this through long and hard before i make my mind up .
on one hand my fiances are back on track thank god . but on the other fluffy is due in 10 days.

oh and i just brought a new cat tree which the cats loveeee. bit big but it goes nice with the living room lol.
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Tasha, perhaps you can foster him and make your decision while he's with you. That way, you'll be able to find out how much work he is in terms of his digestive problems and other special needs he might have.

Something that can really help with digestive upset, whether it's because of illness, stress, the wrong food or other things, is plain, full-fat youghurt. Half a teaspoon a day. Also, when I have had kittens with malabsorbtion problems, I've found a powder called Enzyplex to be good. 1/4 teaspoon mixed with the kitten's food once a day.
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Hi Tasha,
Have you managed to decide what to do with this little baby?
It must be so hard to turn him away but completely understandable if you feel you cant give him what he needs at the min as you have so much on your plate.

Let us all know what you have decided to do....and of course if he is coming to you it would be lovely to see pics of him.

Emma x x
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i have decided to foster him and see how things go. i wont be bringing him home untill at least tomorrow as his on fluids at the moment. so needs to be kept there. but as soon as i bring him home i will be posting some pictures for everyone. from what i have been told his 13 weeks old orange tabby with white . long haired, his not very loving at the moment but im sure he will over come this.
so thanx guys for the advice and wish him well for us please.
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Lots of good wishes flying across the oceans from Down Under.

Did you get to find ou any more about his digestive problems?
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Oh thats so great of you. I knew you wouldn't be able to risist him. Im sure with lots of love and affection he will soon start to settle down and learn how to show his love for you.

Here's sending lots of good luck wishes. Im sure you are just what he needs.

Emma x x
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I am glad you are having this little one. Can't wait to see pics.
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Originally Posted by Kumbulu View Post
Lots of good wishes flying across the oceans from Down Under.

Did you get to find ou any more about his digestive problems?
they will be telling me more about it when i pick him up , what i have been told so far is this so any insite will be great.
because of his age there not 100% sure if its food allergys or food intolerance.
they tell me most of his symptons dont normally happen untill there about 5 months of age and that blood test isnt always correct?? i dont know much about this.

but what i do know is he has bad spouts of diarrhea and sickness , they have stoped any sort of foods that contain beef and fish and he cannot have any kitten milk products. as these are normally the main causes. so his on a chicken only diet at the moment for 12 weeks , then we will introduce beef and see how he reacts to that , if things go well we will try other foods , they did say once the 12 weeks are up sometimes things correct themselfs? he also had itchy skin when he was brought in when he was 7 weeks old. they thought this might have been due to a bad flee reaction at first but didnt find any signs of flees but treated him with no problems. his been wormed to.
any one who knows more about this will be great , i want to find out as much as possible befoe picking him up.
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What you describe sounds like Colitis or IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease).

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Or perhaps he has Coeliac/Celiac Disease. Anyway, you'll be able to find out more soon.
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thanx for the links i will print this out if its ok and take it with me tomorrow.
wow i hope it isnt either of them poor little mite. i know he had a home test for FIV and it was neg , he has had the tests for fiv and felv sent away to be tested in glasglow i think they come back tomorrow sometime. if i heard rightly.
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well i didnt get to the rescue today 1 they still wanted to keep a close eye on him , and 2 my little boy isnt well .
but im picking him up tomorrow after picking anne up from her spay.
they are sure its just beef and cat milk that is causing the problems, they have done xrays and nothing is showing swelling or blockages in the bowls. all blood tests have come back neg for felv and fiv so that is great news for him. his on royal canin senstive chicken flavor but are hopping to get him back on kitten food soon. fluffy is on senstive as well so that wont be to bad they can feed together , while the others have theres.
i hope he does stay well , the rescue are worried he will be overlooked when his ready to be homed because of the dietrey problems. but if there the right home this shouldnt be a problem as far as i can see. so. iv not seen even a picture of this little guy yet , but once he comes here i will be sure to post a picture for you all.
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