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I know a lot of people here suffer from migraines & I hope you can guide me.
I have been to my family doctor, ER & Ophthalmologic concerning my aura's. What would be the next step? We know it isn't a retinal tear. Should I talk to the family doctor about a neurologists? Get an MRI? I can't find the trigger, each time events leading up to the migraine are different. Over the years I have become more sensitive to light. I also thought it was hormonal b.c the last 4 months I was getting one (tiny one) 8 days before my period. It's freaking me out know cause I am reading those who have aura's are more liking to suffer from a stroke.
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Definately ask to see a neurologist. I had to when I started getting my really bad headaches. They will probably do a series of tests with you including an MRI. Probably will get a neck vein ultra sound, dye-contrast catscan, and a few other ones as well. I ended up having to have 2 spinal taps (lumbar punctures - ouch). I ended up having Idiopathic begign intercranial hypertension. Here is some info on that. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idiopat...l_hypertension

Good luck. PM me if you want any more info about what I went through.
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Start off with a Neurologist.

Take into account some allergy testing too. A friend of mine who had terrible migraines found out it was because she was allergic to caffiene (so no chocolate ) and some other things like cheese and what not.
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Actually try calling your family doctor first, ask if you can be referred to a neurologist. Depending on your area sometimes hospitals, such as the one near me, doesn't have certain specialists there all week. Some will split duties between hospitals.
This is what my orthopedic surgeon does.
If your family doctor is good, they may go ahead and schedule basic tests which could speed things up with the neurologist or at least rule some stuff out.

I know how horrible migraines are, I had them from age 11 - 20. Lessening stress did help some, even though they say that isn't a cause it certainly doesn't help.
Now I get them occasionally, maybe 3 or 4 a year.
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
Yep I actually have been reading it the past two days
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My family doctor ordered an MRI, it was normal. Medication has been helpful to me. There are several different ones to try.

I also have never been able to find a trigger. Some women do get migraines associated with their period.

I read the best news yesterday, http://www.medicinenet.com/script/ma...ticlekey=80634. Migraines with aura may protect us from Alzheimer's and memory loss. My mother is currently in end-stage Alzheimer's and my grandfather also died of Alzheimer's. I have been worried about getting it. My mother never had migraines, (my dad does). I hope they can replicate that study.

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