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Another new kitten here...

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Hi, my name is Skat (it's actually Sherri, but Skat's my nickname, at least online) I came across this site tonight when doing some research on feline Urinary Obstructions, for which my male cat, Junior, is in the hospital right now I posted a message in the Health & Nutrition forum if anyone has any info on Urinary Obstructions or can offer me some reassurances...

I'm married to a wonderful guy, and my 14-year-old stepson lives with us. We are lucky to be owned by three indoor cats, all "mutts" - Junior (aka Mama's Baby or Buddy), a 9-year-old male who's part blue(lilac?)-point Siamese and part Pit Bull (heehee), but has gorgeous blue eyes that could melt the polar icecaps; Smoki (aka Monkey or #itch), a 9-year-old domestic longhair who, judging by the tufts of hair between her toes, her beautiful silky fur and her distinct eyes, has to be part Maine Coon; and Patches (aka Smoochie or Squeaky), a 4-year-old black and white domestic shorthair who, while smaller than the other two, still weighs more! (No idea why, but we give them all "pet names" that we tend to use more often than their "real" names LOL). Each of them has a very distinct personality and owns one of us lucky humans - Junior is, without a doubt, my soulmate. Trying and failing to get pregnant for the last five years (and since the 14-year-old stepson is way beyond the "cuddly" stage), Junior is my kid! Smoki is definitely my husband's. And Patches we got for my stepson since it's only fair that we're all owned by our own cat

I have a photo album on the Care 2 web site if anyone would like to see my babies (you can click on the thumbnails to see larger sizes and captions) until I'm able to reduce the images and post some of them here. Here is the URL:

Skat's Cats

Anyway, I've rambled enough. I should try to get some sleep, but I'm worried sick about Junior
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Welcome to the site! I'm very sorry to hear about Junior's health problems. I'm sending my healthy energy his way.

I have pet names for my 2 kitties, too, and yes they get called by their pet names more than their real ones. Trent is my Honey Bear, Boo, Boo Bear, and Bubba. Ophelia is Pretty Girl, Baby Doll and Little One.

I went to your photo album, and all of your cats are just beautiful! I love Patches' little black nose. So cute.

I hope you love this site as much as I do. It is a great bunch of people, very knowledgable about cats, and just a fun place to hang out at.
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They're gorgeous!!!!! Smoki is definiately part Maine Coon. We have a Maine Coon stray that we've just found a permanent home for. Parting with her is breaking my heart, she is just the sweetest thing in the world.

I'll keep your baby in my prayers, and I'm sure many will join me. You are among a very caring group of people here, and our love of our furbabies brings us together - through the good times and the bad! I'm so sorry it's a problem that brought you here. But TCS seems to have a certain magic about it, and hopefully our prayers, good wishes, good vibes and good will will help both you and your baby!

Welcome - and I'm heading over to health & nutrition now.

By the way - when you have time and are not so worried about Junior, feel free to "meet" all of us! There are pictures and bios in the Lounge (just head up to the "Super Duper Important" sticky up at the top of the forum), and you're welcome to contribute if you think you might decide to hang around!


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BTW - LOVE your logon name!!!

Check out other nicknames - maybe you can add a few more to our collection - and maybe you can pick up a few more for your kitties!


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Welcome to you and your furbabes. I'm sorry you found us because of a problem, but I hope you stay when it's resolved. Everyone here is friendly and extremely helpful, so jump right in.

I also call my cat Ivo by her nicknames more than by her given name. Shoogie bear, big bear, shoog, love bug, little girl, kitty butt, Ivo-Ivo-bo-Bivo, sweets. And I wonder why she doesn't respond to her name!

Hope to see you around!

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Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome and for the warm thoughts! I'm sorry too that it took a health problem to bring me here. I wish I'd found this site a long time ago! Cat people themselves are a different breed than the average human, at least in my opinion, and sometimes only cat-lovers can understand other cat-lovers

BTW - LOVE your logon name!!!
Haha, when I first came online years ago, I had the AOL screenname Skatoulaki (which is Greek for "little sh--head"), which led to everyone I met online calling me Skat. Now, years later, even though I don't have the Skatoulaki name, all my online buddies still refer to me as Skat

I went and checked out the Nicknames thread! I never realized so many other people had so many nicknames for their cats! I thought it was just my family's silliness! It just shows how much cats can get into your heart and soul

Thanks again for the warm welcome I do think I'll stick around!
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My kitty's official name (if you wanted to contact him personally) is Barnstable P O'Flaherty (the P stands for Pussy, after my soul mate). However, he is generally known as Barney, Barnes, Beebs, Barney the Bast*%d, Barney Bad Cat and Beebela Bongala (don't want to discuss the last one!) You just can't help but go nutso over your kitties!
Diann in Australia
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A belated hello and welcome. LOVE your kitties they're beautiful (sorry to hear Junior's poorly - wishing him quick getting betters).

I have 3 furry babies, and for the same reason as you, they are my BABIES for real.

They all have nicknames - some prinatable and some not!

Hope to chat about cats and loads of other stuff soon.
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Yup. Cat people are different.

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