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Bath day..Eeekkkk

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Today was annual bath day. Its been almost a year since Ping's last bath and today I decided he needed one. I used a little baby shampoo and conditioner (very little). Also instead of sitting beside the tub like last time I sat in the tub(I was in shorts and tank top) with him since this was just a lets get clean (no flea) bath. He did really well. I got one tiny tiny scratch on my ankle and that was it. And he only tried to climb out 3 times. He spent most of the time leaning against my leg. So here are the after pictures (he would not look at me) and a few random pictures over the past few days.

After the bath:

Relaxing on the back of the newish couch:

And I am the only one allowed to lay on this:

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Oh, there is nothing sadder than a wet cat! No wonder he wouldn't look at you!
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Ooops, my nimble fingers were just too fast! He dries out beautifully, I would love to see his face - when he forgives you for that terrible thing you did to him!
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He is about 1/2 way dry now. Later today I will try and get some face shots for ya. Funny thing is I know he is not happen with me for washing him and won't look at me for longer than a sec. He is 2 ft away from me drying himself. Well mainly his feet.
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Looking at the one photo (last one) your seal point has either mackeral tabby stripes or spotted tabby markings. What do some others think? Looks more spotted to me.

So it had to be the siamese that was carrying the spotted gene when the Ocicats were created The Oci breeders have recently suspected it as some of the siammese in the 60/70's had spotting on the coats as they got older. Seems to be verified in your Siamese
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Believe it or not Ping is not full Siamese. Ping's momma had the Siamese markings but had longer fur then I have normally seen. And there was 2 males in the area one was soild black and huge and one that looked like the momma but skinner. And after she had the kittens and they reached 8 wks old they all left never seen them again. Minus Ping that his she left him under our house and the rest of the litter stayed with her and was to fereal for me to trap or catch.

So Siamese we are sure of other than that I have no clue.
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Awww, it is always so much fun to see OTHER people's cats getting a bath! I have noticed that Alley is starting to smell like she could use a bath. Persi though, with his long hair, smells fresh and clean. Besides, he fell into the tub with me once and he told me that was his annual bath.
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o Ping u silly boy U are just such a cutie
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I love how he insists on grooming himself after you've done it for him. Guess you didn't clean him up to his standards.
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Speaking of that why do they lick themselves when they get wet?
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The lick to dry themselves and to wet themselves...don't ask me - the tongue works both ways - God designed them
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