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Arghhhh...Mean people are just stinky!

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Ok so back in Oct I started working at our local Ruby Tues. LOVED IT! I had a blast until the general manager went on maternity leave. The asst mgr decided she was the big boss WITCH!! I hated her she ended up costing that place about 30 good servers and kitchen staff. So anyways there have been 4 fires there since Oct. 2 in the shed where we keep out paper supplys and whatnot and then 2 in the kitchen. Now our local fire company had ruled the first fire as faulty wiring which was never proven. The second and third fire were ruled as indeterminate causes. And now the fourth fire which happend about 3 wks ago was determined to be arson. SOOOO thanks to Rubys not having ANY morals or legal ethics whatsoever the asst manager decided to let her witch colors show and after I quit which was the week of the fire everyone has been calling and harassing me saying that I quit because I was going to light the place up. My email acct has been flooded with stupid people saying crap. Im sooo effin MAD!!!! Ive been letting it go until I just checked an email from a girl that Im still good friends with who works there. She said that some of the other people there have been starting to harass her and the final straw was when she was taking her student buddy to a trip (shes a helper at a school where she lives) she drove by her house and someone egged her parents cars and her house. I cant believe that someone would do that to her. All these people want is to have something to talk about. No police have approached me yet about the matter I called them and told them what was going on. They wont do anything about it. I also gave them my "alibi" for that day that it happened and hello I have two children and a bf that works night shift. Theres noone else home to watch my daughters at 1145 at night! So what did I do run down there with my kids in the car with some matches and lighter fluid! What crack are these people smoking! I think that the employees that are left are just mad. I always ended up staying about 2-4 hrs later than I was supposed to because noone else did their work. I was a hard worker and an even better waitress. Ive never had a customer complaint and had nothing but stellar reviews by our district and regional managers. It has always been my belief that if you are choosing to work in a customer service enviorment the customer is your first priority. Not what you get out of it. It just burns me to know that such ungrateful ignorant jerks can go around accusing innocent people of such horrible things, people who cant even do their jobs, all they care about is how much their tips are going to be. So now the rumor that is flying between restaurants on the strip is that Rubys will not be opening again. I can only hope that if it doesnt open again we get a Red Lobster cuz I can tell you Id be first in line for an application!!!! Atleast then I can get a chance to get back into a business that I love! Plus what can go wrong with an employee discount on lobster!! LOL!!! Sorry this is so angy but Im just so mad at jerky meanies!!!!!!!

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I just hate mean spirited people. Don't trash any of those e-mails that you have been sent. God forbid some thing does happen, but if you have the e-mail on the computer then you have documentation about harrassment.
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I forwards copies and even made a report about the asst manager because the day we opened from the first kitchen fire she said she wanted to punch me in the face cuz she couldnt stand me and it was in front of our entire staffing! Corporate wont do anything...its my word against hers! Argh...some people just shouldnt be in a position of power!
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Wow...and the police won't do anything??? At least drive by your house? That seems odd to me.

If they're sending emails though, that's a poor choice on their part, cause then you have documentation. I would talk to a lawyer. Pretty much all you would have to do is have him send a threatening letter stating that his client (you) will take them (the harassers) to court for penalties of harrassment and such unless the threats cease immediately. I'm pretty sure no one wants to get sued. Also at least visit the police station and get a complaint on file. Then you have more evidence.
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Make sure you have at least 2 copies (paper) of every email/police rpt and any other harassment threats, etc. - you never know about pcs and viruses - you could lose everything on the pc!
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Well due to the fact that the fire co. is saying it was arson this time they are supposed to be questioning all employees that worked during the time the fires were happening and people that recently quit or got fired before, after and during the fires. Needless to say Ruby Tues has lost their good name in our area. From what Ive heard through the grapevine is that they MIGHT have someone that they suspect for the fires and it is a current employee. The same one that I had said before in a hush hush conversation with the manager. Im just waiting because this person has never liked me and may be the reason my email address got out. Shes buddy buddy with the asst manager who wanted to punch me in the face. I think its just petty and rude for people do this kind of stuff. Im extremely sensitive towards the way other people see me and what they think of me. I dont like being "disliked". Im an easy person to get along with, and I treat my friends like they are family. The only reason this girl has to dislike me is (not to sound stupid petty conceited and other words that go along with those) because Im prettier smarter skinnier and made better tips. Like its my fault that I prefer to work in customer service situations. Thats just the way I am Im a people person I love to talk and I love working with people. Arghhh dumb petty girls that cant get out of high school clique situations need to grow up. We are adults and have to handle this situation like adults. Not running around throwing accusations towards someone who is doing nothing but trying to take care of her kids and family. I can only hope that karma comes around and bites her big time.
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If there's someone on that staff who likes to set fires, you need to be very careful at home, too. Make sure all your smoke detectors are working!

I've never worked in the restaurant business, but I know what it's like to work with people who don't give a whit about the quality of their work and resent anybody who does. People who take pride in their work make the slackers look bad -- and that's all it takes to make some of them turn on you. It still stuns me that adults can be that petty, but I've seen it everywhere I've ever worked.
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