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Crying Kitten

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My wife and I just adopted a 6-week old kitten. Her name is Guinness and she is very active and very full of life, one of the reasons we got her. She did good for us the very first day, but that night she would not stop crying. We held her and kept her close but nothing would help. Based on research I did on the internet this is normal for the first few nights, and if it continues for more then three we need to take her in. I was just curious if anyone had any advice or helpful tips for us.

Thank you
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Hi there.

She is way too young to be away from her Mommy!

SHe is most likely very lonely,Try and give her a little teddy bear for her to snuggle into,She probably was not weaned what are you feeding her?

She is probably crying for her Mother,and siblings,I would take her to the vet anyways she is a new kitten and should have an evaluation done.

Keep us posted on her progress,And remember we love to see pictures!
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I would suggest a Beanie Baby kitty - they are about the same size as a real kitten, and helped my Ginger to sleep securely when she was 8 weeks old and taken from her littermates.

Congrats on your new furbaby!
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Hello and welcome to you and Guinness !

As already suggested a teddy for her to snuggle is a great idea

I also agree with getting her checked by the vet , you can also ask at what age they can spay her, and start with all her injection etc

Anyway keep us posted and I am sure she will settle with you soon
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So she has something warm to snuggle up to at night I would make her a rice sock mommy. Use an old sock filled with uncooked rice and tied off at the end. Zap it in the microwave for a few seconds at a time until its warm but not hot. She may settle a little with this as it will remind her of the warmth she had from momma cat.
As said above she is very very young to be away from her mum. I keep my kittens till they are between 10 and 12 weeks old.
Is she eating and drinking ok and using the litter tray. There can be some problems with this if they are taken away from their mum too soon.

I would also have her checked over at the vets as its always good to have new pets checked over.

Please let us know how she gets on. And pics of your baby will be most welcome.

Emma x x
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