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Poor Ruby baby - what a terrible day.

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Two Fridays ago we finally confirmed that Ruby has post-spay incontinence, which has been the underlying cause of all of her UTIs and other bladder issues. We started her on some medication and after three days had the most dreadful day I've ever had with any of my beloved babies. I haven't posted this before now because I've been so worried, but she seems to be on the mend at last. Sorry it's so long.

Last Tuesday morning: Ruby had been on her Propalin for a few days. Every time we give it to her she quiets down for half an hour or so, gets all subdued, and I rang the vet just to check this was ok. They said it was - and quite common.

Early afternoon: I was walking through the house and I found Ruby by the front door, sitting up in a strange, stiff position, not panting but heavily breathing. She wouldn't come when called. I went to give her a cuddle, and she moved away. She made it up the stairs and then sat in front of the lounge, panting. I went to the kitchen and called her. She didn't turn her head, flick an ear, acknowledge me at all. Max went to her, and had to physically move her out of the way. She had leaked all over the floor. He had to help her walk to the back door. After a few steps she trotted out there, tail wagging, normal. I thought it was another absence seizure like she's had before. Rang the vet - confirmed by him. It's a form of epilepsy, there's nothing we can do - he said she is experiencing the `aura' not the fits themselves, which is good. This was only her second one. We're hoping they continue to be as rare as they are at the moment. But....epilepsy? After all we've just been through with her? It's so unfair.

Later in the afternoon: I went to do the food shopping. Got home, Max is frantic. Chester had been incontinent with diarrhoea on his bed, and Ruby had started having a panic attack, racing through the house and acting as though she'd got a grass seed or something - shaking her head. Freaking out. She settled as soon as she saw me, and sat on my feet, leaning all her weight back into me. As I gave her a cuddle I noticed a wet patch under her throat - I looked and there was a pink, swollen, oozing and bleeding mass of fur there. No phone call this time, straight in the car and to the vet.

Now for the worst part. She'd had some kind of bite over the weekend and it got infected quickly, and then was made worse by her Halti. Because it clips behind her ear, I never noticed that it was rubbing under her throat. She's had the Halti two years and it's never been a problem before. And what's worse, I'd been continuing to put it on her despite the fact that she was getting rubbed raw and I didn't know. I put it on her to take her to the vet, and left off her collar, because I thought it might have been that - it's new. The vet agrees with me that Chester pooped on his bed because he identified with her extreme stress.

She is on antibiotics and Phenergan for ten days. The pain and distress of it had made her incontinent again despite the Propalin. That night she kept disappearing into remote corners of the house to be alone. She woke me at 4am panting frantically and heavily at the door to our room. She only quieted when I stroked her head. I stayed up all night stroking her head, and she finally fell asleep on my lap the next morning. It was a terrible, terrible 24 hours with her - and I just feel so dreadful that it happened at all. I couldn't imagine her distress. She was SO sick, and I've never seen her this way. It was the distress that brought on the absence seizure.

Thank God she still loves me. What a faithful, brave girl. After 24 hours she was bravely wagging her tail again - if weakly - and now after a few days seems to be well on the mend. But I've never had such a dreadful experience, and with her especially, such a happy, bright girl, it seemed all the worse Poor baby Ruby girl. Now I know what it's like to be a mother! Only I couldn't tell her it would be all better soon. She's so brave and sweet.
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Poor Ruby, poor you, hope she gets better soon
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Poor Ruby, I'm so glad that she seems to be on the mend.
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Oh my goodness, Sarah. That was awful. I'm so glad she's getting better now. Is the epilepsy related to the medication she was on or did she already have that? My dog Cameron has seizures, and they are scary, especially at first. He usually starts drooling first, then falls on his side all stiff. Now I just hold him and talk softly to him when it happens and they seem to pass quickly. A couple of times we've been on a long walk when it happened and I had to carry him--good thing he only weighs 20 pounds.

Give that sweet girl lots of hugs from me.
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Oh poor Ruby! I have some experience with post-spay incontinence. One of my girls was though to have it & was one meds for it. Turns out that's not what her problem is.
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OHH poor RUBY ...
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