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Pictures of my furbabies

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I thought I'd share these new pictures with all of you. Sorry that the pictures are a little distorted...I'm pretty new to this posting stuff!LOL!! The first one is Bud digging inside my purse. For some crazy reason he thinks there is food in there...He's such a crazy little boy! LOL!
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Here is a picture of Tiki...Doesn't she look sassy?LOL!
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This one is of all 3 cats...please excuse the messy room. It was taken in my brothers bedroom and it was a disaster area!
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Ok..the last one...
This one is Echo and Tiki in the window together...they are best bud's and have to be right next to each other constantly!
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Wow what beautiful kitties. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us
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They are just so gorgeous! I don't know about Bud, but Barney digs in people's handbags to be obnoxious! Not because he thinks there's food in there! That boy has absolutely no class (Barney, I mean, not Bud!)
Diann in Australia
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WHOA!! Either you have some serisouly BIG kitties, or its the distortion!!! :laughing: But they are ALL gorgeous!!!
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They are so precious! I wish my kitties would be inseparable, but Tigger just won't go anywhere near Roo voluntarily. (at least when we're looking) I think my Roo is as big as your distorted pictures! AHH! Diet time!
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aw - they're so cute! The pics are distorted - Bud looks like a balloon! It makes it just that much cuter!!!!!

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Very cute pics. Tiki looks like a little Princess.
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Thank you for the nice comments about my babies! Bud and Echo are brother and sister & they are huge cats. Bud is obese and we are trying to get him to lose some weight...but I think it's as hard for him to lose those extra pounds like it it for me! LOL! Last time we went to the Vet Bud weighed in at 27 pounds and Echo weighed in at 15 pounds. Little Tiki seems like the runt in our family...she's only 7 pounds, but I guess that's a normal weight...she looks so tiny compared to the others.
I've attached other just cracked me up when I seen Echo. It was definitely a Kodak moment...I caught her sleeping in my overnight bag and she barely even fit in it! LOL!
Once again, thanks for complimenting my "little" ones!
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Well then you shall just have to get a BIGGER overnight bag!! you cruel woman you!! How can you expevt them to sleep comfortably in that little thing?!?!?! She's just "full figured" :laughing:
Yet another adorable pic!! thanks!!
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BTW, Shell, as some inspiration for weightloss... I thought this pic might help.... tell her this is what she COULD look like!! (Although, pwe all love her EXACTLY as she is!!)
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Ok I'm sorry, please forgive me!!!! I'm at work and bored!! Don't hate me!!!
She's FAABULOUS the way she is!!
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Very cute pic, Shell. They find the most intersting places to sleep. Maybe she was just telling you that if you were going away, gosh-darnit she's going with you!
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I myself have a big ole'lap cat too!

Mickey's 27 pounds, and we're working on trimming him down a bit! I always wanted a big huge lap cat (guess you have to be careful what you wish for!!) He gets himself nestled in the smallest little areas just like that overnight bag!!

We should get Bud and Mickey together for Kitty Jazzercize!!!

Your little(LOL) furbabies are just darling!!
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Shell they are beautiful. Tiki looks SO like my Fifi, is she blue/cream? Fifi is lilac cream and looks pinky grey as opposed to Tiki, who from here looks bluey grey.

This is Fifi (everyone will be sick of my kitty pix)
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I'm not really sure what "color" she is. Her previous owners told me she was a seal point, but I don't know much about that kind of stuff. They wanted to get rid of her because she didn't get along with their puppies....but she absolutely loves our dog. I think they just didn't want to deal with her anymore. She is a very demanding kitty, but I couldn't imagine not wanting her anymore. She has been a pure joy to my life and am glad that she is in my home where there is love & affection. I don't think she had that before and she is finally warming up to everyone in my family. I'm just blessed with having 3 beautiful cats who have made my life so happy and in return they will be happy for the rest of their lives.
Sorry for getting a little sappy...My cats are my life!
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BTW...Yola, Fifi is such a doll! She looks like she's got an attitude just like my Tiki! I find it funny how Tiki can give me such sassy looks but I don't think she means anything by it. She's just got an attitude!
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Shell, Fifi, along with probably most of the cats here can kill with a look. She goes all doe-eyed when Ken is in the room, she kind of gazes up lovingly at him, but with me (usually) it's daggers.

Unless I happen to be opening a tine of tuna, a packet of ham etc etc.

Sounds familiar?
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I love the pictures! What beautiful cats you all have!
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