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Pixie's fastly growing babies at 4 weeks!

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Pixie's gorgeous babies are 4 weeks old today and are running, jumping, playing and climbing around! They are real bundles of fun! 2 out of 3 of them are even licking some cat food off our fingers - well I should say biting some off!

Here are some pics anyway taken over the weekend:

By the way - can anyone spot from the pic of the gingers bum whether he/she is a boy or girl? We're still having trouble deciding! Will maybe post some close up pics later of them all!
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What gorgeous kitties!!! So pretty!

And I love what they have done to the The Sun newspaper lol
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They are so cute ...that one looks like a mini Tiger
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They are gorgeous kitties!
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Gorgeous!! The little orange one looks like a cat that roams around here! And mostly orange cats are males, but I don't know, he may be a she. They are soo adorable too!
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oh my what little angels you have there I would love the black and white one what a pudding

the tabby just disappears on that animal print blanket, sweet and the orange baby, oh my what a gentle face thats its just send them all round to me
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Awwww, they are adorable!!!
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They are very sweet.
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Oh they are so adorable. Such little sweeties.
Bless tham all.

Emma x x x
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I love how they are all so different!
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What gorgeous/handsome kitties you have.
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Ohhh, they are absolutely darling
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They are beautiful I cant wait until Saphiras Babies get that old... They were a week old yesterday! My tri color girl is starting to open her eyes! I love your ginger male hes beautiful!!!
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O my they are all just GORGEOUS They are growing up so fast! I am glad every one is doing good, and they are all just soo precious
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They are so beautiful! I am so jealous! I miss having kittens. Take advantage of the time you have with them while they are little, they become little turds the older they get i love them. congrats!
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they are beautiful meows =)
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I can't believe they are so big already. I love the little torbie girl, I knew she was going to be stunning when she was first born. The little orange and the black and white are just darling too though. I guess that should be no surprize with how pretty Pixie is.

glad to see these little ones growing nice and healthy. Keep the photos coming
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oh they are such sweet little pixielets.I see they have learnt to read at a young age
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They are SO beautiful! I just love the little black and white one
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