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I am a nervous wreck!

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So I have been waiting for this moment for 9 whole months and now it is only 6 days away.....

My Dental Assisting boards are on Saturday I am FREAKING OUT! I have studied my booty off for the past few weeks. Long story teacher SUCKED! It was her first year(and hopefully LAST)teaching and it was basically a self-learn course. No one understands how hard it is to basically teach YOURSELF to be a dental assistant.

ANYWAYS, I thought I would start this now since this week will be soooooo hectic. Could you guys send me some magical TCS vibes that I will pass this exam? I am so nervous and it's bad enough I have to wait 6-8 weeks for the results......

PLEASE keep me in your prayers and thoughts this week
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Seeing just the beginning of your thread, I assumed that the "9 months" related to something very different. Please pardon my mistake.

Anyway... I'm sure you know your material better than you think. It's always like that. Good luck.
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Good Luck! I can totally relate to studying for weeks even months on end and all the stress and pressure of such a huge exam. I know you will do fine because you have studied for so long and you probably know more than you think you do!
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You studied for nine month. You'll be fine and just move one. You'll probablly surprise yourself w/how well you'll do.
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Ooohh, good luck Courtney, you're gonna do GREAT!
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You will do greeeeat Courtney!!! Dont stress too much~it will be alright
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You will do just fine. You know what you are doing and you are going to be fine.
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I'm sure you'll do wonderfully!!! Sending calming vibes your way.
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Best of luck Courtney
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Sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for you, you will do a great job.

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You will do just fine! Just don't get yourself wound up because that will cause you to panic.

Also, don't sit and cram the day before either. Take that day off to do fun stuff for yourself. Make sure you get enough sleep too so that you are bright eyed for the exam.

Your teacher sounds like the prof I had for intro to psych when I was in nursing school. The class was his first for teaching and he was working on his Phd at the same time.

It was an INTRO course and his lectures were done at elementary school level, with heavy emphasis on his stupid thesis, with nothing of the text book covered. Then each test covered class lectures, PLUS at least 20 chapters of a text book that we never even opened in class!!!!!! AND his tests were doctorate level! I remember the first test like it was yesterday.

Each question was a huge lengthy paragraph in length, with very long run on sentences...numerous sentences. And then each multiple choice answer was at least 3 or 4 lengthy run on sentences long too! By the time you figured out the question and read the first possible answer, you didn't remember the question! Each question and it's 4 possible answers took up an entire page!

We complained loudly, but nothing was done. Two girls lucked out and got kicked out of his class, and they were absorbed into another class which was full, but because we needed the class for Nursing, they had to be put somewhere. So they had a good prof while the rest of us were stuck with that idiot and getting D's and F's while in every other class I was getting near perfect grades! I was not impressed.

Anyway, you managed to get through 9 months of self teaching, you will get through the test too
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oooh scary exam time! I'm sure you'll do just great hun, if you've had to get yourself through the 9 months training, you'll get yourself through the test. We have every confidence in you! Keep us posted!
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Good luck on the exam-you have put alot of hard work preparing for this day.
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You will be fine. You taught yourself the class, you should be well prepared.
I can completely relate to how you feel. I was freaking out when I had to take my state boards for my massage therapy license. I studied for 5 weeks, just knowing I was not going to remember any of it, and ended up with an overall higher score than most of out instructors. I had been out of school for over 25 years when I went back. You being young and having probably way more healthy brain cells that I have, I am sure you will do just fine. We are all sending you out many vibes and good wishes.
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Sending {{{{{chocolate covered caramel vibes}}}}}
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you'll do great Courtney! All my crew's toes are crossed for a pass with flying colors!!!
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Originally Posted by Pekoe & Nigel View Post
Seeing just the beginning of your thread, I assumed that the "9 months" related to something very different. Please pardon my mistake.

Anyway... I'm sure you know your material better than you think. It's always like that. Good luck.
Me too! But good luck with the test. Sorry you didn't have a good teacher.
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Good luck. I am sure you will do fine.
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Good luck! I will send "ACE THE TEST" vibes your way!
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Thanks guys! This is why I love this place!

OH! And I don't know if I mentioned but it takes 6-8 weeks to get my results So I will be so nervous to get my results back.....

There's a clinical part and written and I'm more worried about the written....
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