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Possibility we are moving(kinda long)need advice/opinions,plz

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Ok-for starters, we have decided that we are going to rent a place and put our place up for sale. I know I am sad about it, but we have tried EVERYTHING under gods green earth and it just aint gonna happen that we can stay here. But anyways, we are both thinking that we need to get out asap....and then list our house. The problem is this: THERES NOTHING AROUND TO RENT(well I mean yeah, you have the usual dumps-which I refuse to live in) Buuut today in the paper, there was an ad for 2 rental houses, both in the country which of course is what we want. We went and looked and one of the houses is super nice!!! The rent is reasonable(for the land, etc) but we dunno whether to jump into this one(a years lease, with possibility to buy as well, which is a HUGE plus) OR wait around and just *hope* something else comes along soon.

Ugghhh, what to do~what to do!!!
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I have found with renting if you like the place chances are 10 other people like the place, so jump on it. Especially if its not a dump.

also do one last look though before signing. Our house (rental) is very pretty at first glance, but little things we noticed have popped up along the way. We probably would have never rented it.
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Its not a dump, by any means!! I know people around here are ALWAYS looking for rentals, espically in the country~the only real down fall is that its about an hr away from where we live now(well its not that bad I guess-lol) but it does put DH closer to work......

BTW-I HATE the thought of renting again. I love not having to worry about landlords and stuff, thats what sucks. But if hes really serious about selling it to us in the future, then it may not be so bad....
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I'd say GO FOR IT! Especially if you said that there really aren't many nicer places to rent around your area
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I say go for it!!! If you don't get it soon, then someone may come around and snap at it and then you'll be kicking yourself in the bottom.
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I agree go for it! I've been looking for an apt. that will let me have 2 of my 5 cats for....6 months now. Nothing. Nothing at all.
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From someone that has been renting for 30 years, and has ben throught a couple dozen landlords, if it is there right now, jump on it. You may not find another. Several times we had a time frame and had to accept dumps because we had missed out on something good, hoping to find something better. Good luck, I HATE to move!
I was afraid I was going to have to move again, but they finally offered me another lease for a year.
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I agree if its the type of place you are looking for go for it. Spring is a big time for moving there could be more but you could kick yourself if there isn't a place like this. Good luck with selling your house too.
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I think you should go for it too!! If it's nice then great and also with the potential to buy if you choose to later. Also, if it is contract for a year, you will be selling and potentially looking out for other places to buy and that will give you enough time to get all that done. Also, if you want to buy it you would already be settled in when you do!! Bonus. Keep looking eleswhere too just in case you find somewhere better!! Good luck
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So? Have you decided to take the place?!
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
So? Have you decided to take the place?!
We are sooo undecided,lol...I think we may actually pass this one up, but yet dont know. The house has been empty 6 mos because the guy is so picky about who he rents to and I dunno if thats good or bad I dont wanna take the chance and have him be a total jerk or something....
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