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Missy pictures

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Here are some pics of Missy, one is a belly pic.

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aww she is soo beautiful =) how far along is she?
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I'm not positive since she showed up here already pregnant... I'm estimating she's about 7 weeks now... I've been feeling kittens for about 3 days.
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Looks like she is coming along quite nicely. Good luck with the rest of Missy's pregnancy
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She is a real sweetie.

Not long now till you have some beautiful furr babies.

Fingers crossed for you and momma that everything keeps on going well.

Emma x x
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awe look at that belly! What a cutie! I am hoping that the pregnancy and everything goes well and the kittens are healthy and such, please keep us updated on her
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She's very pretty. Hope all goes well with Missy and the new little babies soon to arrive. I'll be watching for more cuties
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