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i'm worried about raven.

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i found a lump on raven's back this morning. i'm hoping it's "just" an abscess and not something much worse.

i'm calling the vet first thing tomorrow. hopefully we can get in in the afternoon, they are usually good about squeezing us in. he doesn't seem sore or off his food, so i'm not running to the ER vet. but i *am* worried because it's a lump that showed up recently. of course if they want me to drop him off before work, i can do that too.
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{{{vibes}}} for a good vet visit!

And to you. Try not to worry too much!
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Good luck at the vet Raven
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Sending good vibes her way! Keep us updated
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Best of luck!!!! We will send you good vibes from Texas!!
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More positive thoughts and good health vibes for Raven. I hope all goes well at the vet. Hugs to both of you.
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Sending good Vet visit vibes Ravens way.
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thanks guys. he has an appointment at 3:30 this afternoon. hopefully it's nothing serious. the lump seemed like it was sensitive to the touch this morning. he's still running around & eating. but if i touched it he would meow like it was sore or sensitive. it's the same size as yesterday, not larger, so i'm taking that as a good sign. it's on his back, near his spine and hips.
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raven had his appointment yesterday. it wasn't good, but it's not bad-yet.

the vet put a needle in the lump. it's not an abcess. she did find red blood cells (normal she said), white blood cells (indicative of an infection she said), and some weird large purple cells. right now we're treating with a week of antibiotics and will be going back for a follow-up visit next monday.

if there is no change or it's larger next monday, she will be sending the second slide she made into the University of Iowa, then we will know more after that. i was a mess last night, otherwise i would have posted an update.

he and nabu just turned 10 yrs old today too.
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Sending good vibes for Raven. I hope the antibiotics will fix him.
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our kitty has a bump on her left side near her spine, down by her hip, too... but hers appeared a week after a vaccine. I know EXACTLY what you mean about being completely inconsolable... I cried hysterically all night long last night. Good luck to you and your kitty, I hope all turns out alright.
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I'm sending get well soon vibes to Raven.
Hopefully the medication will take care of it and he'll be just fine.
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I'm sending not-a-bad-lump vibes to Raven, and hang-in-there vibes to you... I hope the meds help!
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