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Pippin is getting a PU :(

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Hi all!
I know some of you have read my posts about Pippin and his crystal issues. Well he finally blocked up on Friday and I had to take him to the vet again.
He's in the hospital for the weekend and then he'll be getting a PU done on Tuesday when the specialist comes in. I'm so worried about my poor boy! I'm just afraid that the PU won't work out well and then I'm out of options. (
In addition, I'm sick myself and my emotions are a mess. Please send some good vibes my way and Pippin's that this surgery will turn out to be the answer we've been looking for. I'm so afraid for my baby!!!!

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i hope everything goes well. i don't have any advice other than to mention there is a support group for PU cats on yahoo. they are an off-shoot of the "catswithflutd" group.
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Mega {{{good surgery vibes}}} for Pippin.

And try not to worry yourself. This surgery will work. And you need to rest up & get healthy so when he comes home, you can take extra special care of him.

Poor boy deserves some extra special love after all he's been through!
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Good luck at the vet Pippin
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My cat Henry just got a PU on April 13th, and so far he is doing fine. He gets his stitches out on Tuesday. He came home from the vets with a cone, but I would suggest getting a different collar. My vet gave mine to me, it basically looks like a neck brace, so he can't reach down and get his stitches, but can still eat and drink without having the cone in the way. I confined Henry, so I could watch him. I did notice some dripping, but its gone away now as his incision healed. Feel free to email me at eprutilpac@gmail.com if you need to talk or have any questions.
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Fingers crossed for him - I have heard of a couple of cats with this, and both are fine - one is still going strong 10 years later, it wasn't a common op then!! I am sure it will work, that is the whole idea of the op, females very rarely block.
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