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Is so cute she's a tortie and I don't know her name they never said it but she is so cute. She is maybe six months old and was getting after a lizard while I was there. And she likes to sprawl out on the hardwood. My niece was mocking her and going around saying meow meow and then she would lay on the floor like her kitty with her leg up in the air. Because her cat rolls for belly rubs alot. I just wish my sister would make her inside only because she is front declawed. But I can't really seem to get through to her. But I took her some food for her and promised to get her a toy when I could. I think I might take her one of Tavia's toys that she doesn't like. She immediately went to my dad and loved on him. And she is a cuddle bug but when I got home Tavia smelled her on me and will not come love on meowmy. I told dad she would make a great buddy for Tavia and dad said Tavia doesn't need a buddy. Wish my sister would decide she is tired of her and bring her out here and ask dad to keep her. Then he would let me keep her.