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I have two cats a Male fixed cat and a female unfixed...I found her as a stray brought her home and she had kittens 3 days later....Her kittens are now a week old. Her and My male got along a little better before the kittens where born there was still hissing but not much else...Now that the kittens have been born she chases him and attacks him...for no given reason. What can I do to help them get along better??
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Aww, how cute, new kitties! Well, she is protecting her babies! Keep mother and babies separated from your male for a few weeks.
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The "protective mother" kicks in. Keep the male away from her till she stops nursing the kits and they go to new homes at 10-12 weeks old AND she's spayed.

Once raising kittens is over, then everyone will get along. She should be ok with your male in a few weeks when the kittens slack off nursing - about 5-6 weeks old (starting solid foods). By then she will spend more time away from the kits and not be so protective.
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