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lots of meowing

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My kitten is almot eleven weeks old. I've had her since she was eight weeks.
Here's the thing, she meows alot and I'm not entirely sure what she means by it. For example, she'll act as if she's ready to cuddle. If I pet her, she leans into my hand as if she likes it, but after about five seconds she meows and walks away. Then she'll walk back to me, lick my face, meow, and go back to the place she was when I petted her.
Soon after, she may jump off the bed and meow while sitting and looking at me. Does she want attention, is she dissatisfied with me petting her? I have no clue.
Also, she really really likes my friend. Occasionally she will wrestle with my hand(though she bites very gentle and doesn't use her claws), but only for a moment. She wrestles with my friend quite a bit, to the point where she is very tuckered out. Then she'll lay on his chest, let him pet her, and sniff his face. No meowing.
I don't quite get it, am I doing something wrong?
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Some cats are sensitive to perfume, could it be your perfume!
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She might be wanting to play. Young animals are full of energy and while pettingt is all well and good what they really love usually is running around and killing their toys.

My cat definately meows the most when she's wanting to play and is rather bored. Petting does not satisfy her then.
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She wants you to 'play' chase her... it's a cat thing! And play with her using toys. And remember she's just still very young and flipping all over the place without a lot of sense yet!
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