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kitten diahrea?

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my kittie has diarhea it just stared and he is only 9 days old. is it bc of his food? my boyfriend sayd the vet said it will most likely devolop it from his kmr . can i do anything for him to be more comferterable he just went to sleep and probally wont wake up until two hours from now when i feed him =( poor kittie
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sometimes if you over feed a kitten while on KMR or another supplment milk they can get an upset tummy. if he has a lot of it then i would take him to a vet as he can dehydrate so quickly. please keep us posted on how he does.
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At 9 days old, I would recommend backing your feeding schedule down to every 3 hours. The KMR could be the cause of the diarrhea, but it could also be due to overfeeding. I like goat's milk for a quick fix a lot better than KMR, but some of the best stuff is called Pro Biolac. It is, IMO, far better than any of the other commercially-prepared formulas and has a lot of stuff that KMR really doesn't. Plus, it is said to be a bunch easier on sensitive little kitten tummies!
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sorry i know this is of topic , but over the last few days i have started hearing about this Pro Biolac , iv never heard of this , and can you get it in the uk? normally we use lactol which my vets normally reccomend when ever iv had to hand feed kittens.
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well he did have diarhea once but then i feeed him agn, and tried to help him go potty and he only peed so maybe his poop was just runny, ill start feeding him every three hours and see if it helps him, and when he is out of KMR im gonna cheack out and find the other kind thanks for telling me about it =) i think my kittie feels better now
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