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Ten week old kitten...

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..came to us yesterday.

He is very fiesty, energetic and loves attention.

However, he hasnt eaten any wet food since he got here. He has eaten the dry food, in small quantities, on several occasions but only sniffs the wet food!

When I am eating he goes crazy, trying to get at my plate!

Is this normal?

P.S Hello


I put some cat food on a little plate and pretended I was eating, sure enough Noa was there and started eating.

Funny things, cats!
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Great! But you could also try different flavors or types to find his favorites. He sounds cool!
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My 12 week old has no interest in wet food. She usually does anything the older cat does, but she will just watch him eat the canned. Hope to convince her otherwise. Thanks for the tip, I'll pretend I'm eating it
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My Sophie is about 9 weeks and would NOT eat when she first came to us for almost an entire day and a half. I was horrified but then I was eating some chicken and her curiosity arose so I broke off a tiny piece to let her taste it and she sniffed it for about 30 seconds then put it in her mouth. After she swallowed she meowed like never before so I quickly grabbed her wet food and put it in front of her face and she just cried until i put it on my finger and let her take bites off my finger, feeding her like a baby. I had to do this for about a week until I slowly would give her some off my finger then lower my finger down to the level of her wet food and she'd eat from her dish.

Everytime I eat she perks up with curiosity and comes over to investigate and if it's something she can eat, I'll give her a little taste and repeat the process.

When she goes after the big cat's diet dry food, I do the same thing, let her have a taste and then rush her to her wet food.

The first time she drank water was when my fiance was drinking ice water in bed and she came over sniffing and started drinking out of his glass.

I think she just wants to emulate whatever we're doing but day by day it gets easier, she's drinking her own water now (we have three water dishes in different places around the house) and she'll follow me into the kitchen when she's hungry for her wet food and just look at me.

I still have to stick her directly in front of her dish though, as she hasn't quite grasped the concept of going to her own food without Mommy's help.
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