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Petal and Kittens

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Here ia a pic of petal and some of her 3 kittens. Some of these pics were taken yesterday and some day before.

Sorry they are not great, but mum and babies are gorgeous.

Mum and babies are doing great. Kittens are 3 days old.

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aww what beautiful babys , thank you for sharing them.
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ah my, how adorable! They are all precious! Nothing like a pile of kittens
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Oh they are beautiful. I love their silky coats.

Bless them all....just too cute to resist!

Emma x x
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Sooo cute! Well done Petals! Thanks for sharing those pics....the kittens do have plush shiny coats!
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Congratulations Petals, your babies are gorgeous
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Aww, how sweet!
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aww what wonderful little treasures you have there - sweet
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They are precious! Congrats
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what cuties, they are all so precious
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2 of petals kittens are doing really well and gaining weight really well.

The third who has always been the biggest has sadly lost a little weight. I got her checked out today at my vets, as rescues vets is over an hour away and he said she isn't dehydrated, but she is at risk and she seems strong. He has suggested topping her up with kitten milk which i have started.

I am hoping this little on will be OK.
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This little kitten who we have called Milly is still with us, but still not putting on as much weight as i would like, but putting weight on nethertheless. I am feeding her every 2 hours day and night and then putting her in with Mum. I had her on lactol as that was all I could get and she wasn't overly keen, but the vets ordered me some cimicat, so she has gone on that today and is taking that much better.

The other 2 are little roly pollies bless them and doing really well.
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