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Sam's story

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Sam passed away several years ago. I still think of all the wonderful times we had together. I got Sam when he was just a kitten from a Humane Society . He was a tabby. I was only a teenager needing some one to talk to during those "awkward" years. I always felt I could tell Sam everything. He never judged me. He only had unconditional love to give. When I came home from school,he was in the driveway waiting for me everyday. I went off to college and Sam stayed at home with my parents. I would come home on the weekends and Sam would be there in the driveway when I pulled in. My mom would always laugh at us because Sam never wanted in the house unless I was there. Sam disappeared and I was really distraught. I looked for weeks for him. It was Christmas time. My one Christmas prayer was that he would come home. on Christmas morning my wish was granted! He came home after three weeks. He was dirty and hungry but OK!One weekend while I was home,I noticed that Sam had a lump on his shoulder. We took him to the Vet. He removed it but said it didn't look good. Three months after Sam's operation, he started to act weird. The Vet did tests and discovered he had a tumor in his brain. I rushed home to see him but it was to late to go visit him at the Vet. The next morning I got a phone call he was gone. Sad thing was I denied it to myself that he was gone. I went to the vet to see him that morning expecting to at least be able to hold him before we ended his suffering. cont....
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I was shocked to find him gone. We took him home.I'm glad Sam was in my life. We had seven wonderful years. I still think about him, especially when I go home and see an empty driveway. For those of you that have ever lost a companion take solice in the fact that you were fortunate to have them in your life. Cherish your memories and even though they are no longer with you physically you will always be in each other hearts.
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Nenners, I know that you will never forget Sam. That's why you wrote this touching tribute. I do want you to know, however, that your memories brought mixed emotions. I smiled when I thought of him waiting for you in the driveway, a loving companion who couldn't wait for you to come home! And I can only imagine your joy to have him come home for Christmas. He could have been covered with tar, and you would have given him hugs and kisses, I'm sure. And my heart broke for you when you discovered that he was gone. I've been in that situation, and it hurts so badly.

There will be many more special pets in your life, but Sam was one of a kind. I truly believe that our loving God will reunite you some day. Until then, keep the memories of Sam close to your heart. They will keep it warm. God bless you.

p.s. There is a lovely poem at the top of this forum, for which the forum was named. It's a beautiful idea. Perhaps you'll get comfort from reading it.
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Nenners and Jeanie - you both made me cry. What a bittersweet story! You had a wonderful, wonderful friend. I loved so much that he showed up on Christmas! God bless you, and god bless Sam.

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Sam was a very special little guy. Him coming home on Christmas could be from a movie! You will always have a special place in your heart for him, and he will always be with you in your heart.
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A beautiful and touching recollection. Thahk you for sharing that with us and making us realize once again how special our small feline companions are.
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