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Guess what I got!

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Ok, it's kind of a long story. Last summer I was wanting a kitten for quite awhile... my boyfriend kept telling me we'd find a kitten but it was several months before we did. We were driving home and saw a "free kitten" sign. We stopped and that's where I found my Oliver Felix. He was a tiny black and white thing, at 8 weeks old he barely fit in the palm of my hand. He had a bent foot due to a birth defect and a crooked tail. He was my baby. In October of last year we lost Oliver Felix, he was anemic and had megaesophagus and I took him to the wrong vet who screwed up and we lost our baby.
Well, we were out today and saw that "free kitten" sign at the same house. We stopped today... "just to look"... and found that the cats had bred again and they had another litter with two left. These kittens were very healthy, with no birth defects... but they were going to be taken to the pound. So my boyfriend suggested we rescue one (the other one was spoken for). He is at least half brother but probably full brother to my Oliver Felix. He is a grey/black/white tabby. Yes, I know I'm crazy with two litters on the way... but all of Sasha's and Missy's kittens have excellent homes lined up for them, so we won't be overrun (although we are keeping one of Sasha's). I can't say no to any animal in need but especially knowing that it was my beloved Oliver Felix's brother, I just had to save him.
I'll get pictures later, and I have to come up with a name!
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aww good for you sry to hear about oliver, but im glad you have a new kitty to love =)
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aww bless ,what a lovely ending. im glad you got him.
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I have pictures!!!! We still haven't named him yet... and no idea how old he is, the people didn't know.

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oh my god i love it !! i love tabbies and maine coons and this one has the little mits. wowwwwwwww
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What an absolute doll!!!!

Good luck with al of your babies! And beyond that, good luck with the upcoming spays (and neuters, now!) !! I'm sure the kitties will be happy to be spoiled and babied again after all that parenting
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Aw he's a cutie! Cant wait to know what his name is! Would love to do a 'Welcome Home' siggy for him lol.

Have you had him checked out at the vet? Are his stools ok? Has he been dewormed and deflead? Vaccinated? Just mention this to you as when I brought Olivia home, she infected the kittens I'd had since their birth with an intestinal bacterial infection. Just want to make sure Sasha and Missy's kittens are ok too!
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Arrrr he is adorable. What a cutie.

Here's hoping he has a long, happy and healthy life with his new family.

Emma x x x
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We still haven't come up with a name for him yet... my boyfriend is NOT allowed to name the kitties after he gave me a list of names for Sasha's & Missy's kittens... Screwdriver, Pastor Rob, Doctor Larry, Donut & Firefighter. I love his sense of humor, but he's not allowed to help name anymore animals! LOL.

Have you had him checked out at the vet?
I haven't yet because we got him yesterday and no vets are open on Sunday around here. But he is being kept completely seperate from the momma cats... everyone has their own cage set up far apart from everyone else. He has gotten Frontline and Panacur though because I have both on hand. He looks and acts very healthy, but he will get a checkup from the vet and a booster shot just to be safe whenever I can get an appointment for this week.

Would love to do a 'Welcome Home' siggy for him lol.
That would be awesome! I'd love for you to make him one, I'll have a name for him by the end of the day today and I'll try to get a couple better pictures too.
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OH, he is so precious. That is wonderful of you to rescue him!
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aww he is such a sweetie

wonderful that you got him, especially with the history and all

But can you believe that house that had the 'free kittens' sign up AGAIN that is so irresponsible, did you get chance to talk with them about them getting the poor moma spayed - and they just take the unwanted kittens to the pound

sorry rant over !

Well the little fella looks about 4-5 mths, can you tell from his teeth, of course the vet will be able to advise anyway - aww he is lovely

Let us know how the vet visit goes and when you decide on a name
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Still haven't come up with a name yet although I have narrowed it down to a few: Charlie, Gulliver, Sebastian, Spike, and Gremlin. He was given a clean bill of health, and is estimated at 8-10 weeks old.
Here are a few pics I just took with the video camera.

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his beautiful , thanx for the pictures.
im glad his been given a clean bill of health aswell
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Minxie, would you still want to make a welcome home siggy for him? I'd love it if you would! I decided on a name... Spike. If you need me to get better pictures, I can, just let me know.
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