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A couple pictures of Sasha

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Just took these pictures of Sasha a few minutes ago... the poor girl is so uncomfortable... she changes position every minute or so. Still no kittens, no more discharge, temperature is back up within the normal range... she just wants to keep me waiting! We're going to take belly pics of both girls tonight and I'll post those later too.

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Sasha your beautiful!!!!But when are you going to have those babies?lol'

Has her water broke yet?

Keep checking her temp she looks restless hopefully soon!
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She is very beautiful. Hope her babies arrive soon.
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To my knowledge, her water has not broken... her blanket hasn't been wet and she herself has not been wet. She's very restless and grooming herself like crazy. If she isn't showing more signs by morning, I'll call the vet when he opens and see what he says.
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i cant get over how beautiful she is, i love her markings.
let us know what they say , i hope everything goes well for her.
and dont worry about her waters breaking this dosnt always happen untill the sack is visiable.
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What a sweet face! She is a very pretty girl!
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The poor girl is sooooo unhappy... she keeps meowing and wanting me to pet her constantly... she doesn't want to be away from me for a second. Her belly looks "lower" today, and the kittens are even more active than ever... I sat and felt one move against my hand for over half an hour... I could feel individual body parts as he/she moved against me. I could see two individual kittens moving so I know she's got at least two in there! We're waiting on a guy to come and pick up a car tonight but after 8 or so we're going to get belly pics of both girls and pictures of the new little guy that we got today... I'll post again later!
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Belly pictures! She is still so miserable, she's "yelling" at me constantly and it's absolutely unthinkable that I stop petting her for just one second... god forbid I have to leave the room for some reason. She's in her box now but will not lay down, she just can't get comfortable... she's been sitting up most of the day aside from when she's on her back getting a belly rub. I hope it's soon!

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oh my godness shes soo big yay kittens on the way =) aww she is soo beautful i love her lol =)
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Its got to be soon lol! She's about to pop lol Looks like there are a few baby Sasha's in there!
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Oh bless her. She does look fit to burst with those babies.

She either has a few in there or she is gonna have porky babies. LOL

She is such a pretty little thing. Here's hoping it isnt too long for her now.

Emma x x
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